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Award-winning Melbourne musician, producer and writer Eilish Gilligan has announced her long-awaited debut album, ‘Final Girl’, will be released on February 16, 2024 — pre-save here. She has also unveiled a curse of a song, Angel Face, which was written as a warning to all powerful men in the music industry: women talk.

Angel Face was written during a period of deep grief, as Eilish explains in her own words:

“I wrote Angel Face to process some of the anger, hurt and betrayal I was feeling about something that happened in my music career at the time. It sounds funny to say I felt those things about an event that was purely professional, but such are the relationships you develop in the music industry.

I felt so powerless. I felt completely voiceless. I felt like I couldn’t talk to anyone about what had happened without sounding hysterical or insane. A sense of righteousness made me feel even angrier and watching the industry celebrate people I knew weren’t really all that great on the inside was difficult.  I knew these feelings were something other women in my position would be able to relate to. I held onto the relief that writing Angel Face brought me for so long and I really hope it can bring that catharsis to others now.”

Angel Face was self-written, and produced by Eilish and her long-time friend and collaborator Gab Strum, mixed by Hamish Patrick, and mastered by Matthew Agoglia.

Eilish has also announced the release date for her debut album ‘Final Girl’. Inspired by her love for all things horror, there is an earnestness to the album title that brings it all together.

“In the end, after a decade in the music industry, the one thing I have always held as the highest truth is that no one is going to care as much about your music as you do. No manager, no industry figurehead — it sounds so corny, but the music will always be there for you and at the end of the day, you are the only one who will be there for the music in turn.”

It’s a fitting title, seeing as Eilish casts a completely singular figure in the Australian music landscape. Each track on the album offers something totally different and utterly eccentric but so deeply reverent to its electro-pop roots alongside Eilish’s first musical love, the piano. It’s a complete, turning, lively collection of songs that feel so at home within her colourful discography.

In 2023, Eilish began writing and scripting for one of Australia’s biggest podcasts, SCANDAL by Shameless Podcast. Quickly turning her obsession with pop culture and narrative to her new role, Eilish’s own podcast Stranger Than Fiction has reached hundreds of thousands of listeners since its debut with The Shameless Book Club in August 2023.

Angel Face is out NOW!

The album, ‘Final Girl’, is out February 16 – pre-save here.



‘Final Girl’ cover artwork by Minna Gilligan, photo by Katy Roubin
Press photo by Katy Roubin

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