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Hailing from Ireland and currently based in the Gold Coast / Yugambeh Country , indie-folk singer songwriter Eimhin (pronounced Ev-an) has unveiled his haunting new single 7 Months In Space. With his previous release The Lough receiving significant praise both in Australia and overseas, Eimhin set out on an 11 date EU tour in June this year before returning to play an unofficial BIGSOUND showcase and deliver us this transient track.

7 Months In Space sees Eimhin reflect on how an unsteady time in his life allowed for self-exploration and the forming of unbreakable bonds. Eimhin’s story-telling is effortlessly carried by lulling vocals and met with acoustic plucking before coming to an ambient close with swirling synths. 7 Months In Space lures you into a comforting melancholy with its sentimental lyricism and stripped-back instrumentals to leave a lasting imprint.

shared, “7 Months In Space is about some time that I spent at a backpackers in Melbourne called Space Hotel. I had fallen on some hard times and a room was offered to me at short notice. It was supposed to be temporary, something until I got back on my feet. I ended up spending 7 months there. There’s a funny thing about backpackers, they say, you go traveling to find yourself, and I guess there’s a lot of truth in that because I met a lot of lost people, myself included. So, I became one of them, and made some incredible friendships. Looking back I wonder if some of those transient people would recognise each other in the street today, if I’d even recognise some of them myself. For the ones that I do remember though, the ones I shared a 6-bed dorm with for 7 months, I’ll never forget them. I’ll never forget the impact they had on my life, how they saved me.”

Eimhin’s debut album ‘Modern Mending (Of The Heart)’ is due out mid-2024.


7 Months In Space Single Launch
Friday 13 October – Dust Temple, Currumbin Waters, QLD

Listen to 7 Months In Space HERE


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