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Words by Natalie Blacklock

Rising from their grave in mid-2019, The Crypt Daddies; Papa Crypt (Lain Draven) on Guitar / Vocals, Big Lom (Lom Thomas) on Upright Bass / Vocals and Matty Riot (Matt Bales), have carved out their own fast-paced, hard-hitting fusion of punk, goth, and rockabilly, which draws influence and inspiration from the likes of Koffin Kats, Nekromantix, and Australia’s first Psychobillies, Fireballs. Fresh off their support for Japanese voodoo rockers Baitones, and ahead of their appearance at this year’s Wallapalooza, as well as an upcoming NZ tour, supporting the legendary Dick Dynamite and The Doppelgangers this November, the Brisbane-based 3-piece have just released their long-awaited debut EP – a total DIY effort in terms of recording, mixing and mastering.

Like me, if you’re a newer convert to the world of Psychobilly, it’s a feast for the senses – killer riffs, soaring vocals and a bass slap that would rattle the bones of the dead – and The Crypt Daddies are delivering this in spades on their debut release. Boasting four original tracks, the band’s self-titled EP is a sonic journey, which each track building on the last, creating a stellar first release for these local upstarts.

Opening track, Black Swamp kicks in and kicks off the EP in style with driving Drums from Matty Riot and Papa Crypt’s soaring Guitars, paired with masterful echoed Vocals through the eerie chorus chant calling for “Creature From The Black Swamp”, reminiscent of the titular character from 1954 sci-fi / horror film ‘Creature From The Black Lagoon’.

Second track, Reanimate My Heart opens with an iconic Big Lom Bassline, before opening up into a grim tale of lost love. The dynamic and gravelly vocals across the chorus are balanced by the smooth back and forth of the backing vocals courtesy of Big Lom and Matty Riot, which really brings the track together. This track is one that definitely need to be appreciated in a live setting for the full experience.

Heavier on the instrumentation, Screamerhead, loosely inspired by the Texas Chainsaw Massacre, is driven by an overwhelming sense of urgency. The well-balanced Drums across the track build and build, creating a frantic energy as if you were right there, being chased too. The production on this track is commendable, everything is DIY – including the custom sample – layered voice tracks from each band member, made to emulate the radio newsreader from the 1974 film.

The EP’s final track and one of the band’s long-standing live favourites, So Far From Home starts off with a ‘dirty blues’ vibe, highlighting Big Lom’s Double Bass technique before Papa Crypt flexes his guitar prowess, effortlessly walking his fingers up and down the fretboard through the Guitar solo. The gang-style vocals complement the track well as it builds for a crescendoed conclusion.

After listening to this EP, one thing is clear – Psychobilly is marking its territory in Brisbane and these fellas are certainly ones to watch. For a completely DIY release, The Crypt Daddies’ debut EP is hitting the spot, so you’d better get that battle vest on and get ready to wreck at a show real soon!

Photo Credit – Elizabeth Sharpe // @Ummagummamumma

The Crypt Daddies officially launch their EP TONIGHT (Friday 20th October) at King Lear’s Throne in Fortitude Valley with Punktilious, One More Billy and Aidan Night & The Revenants in support. GET YOUR TICKETS HERE.


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