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ARIA Platinum-certified songwriter Eves Karydas today lifts the curtain on Sunday Drive, a welcome pivot to “indie-emo-yacht-rock” and beyond.

Expanding her sonic horizons, Sunday Drive is a chillwave, nostalgia hybrid emphasising delicate piano and strings stacked with otherworldly, retro vocals. A ballad drunk on the independence that car keys represent, here Karydas illustrates an authentic display of her influences. A breadth as ranging as Suki Waterhouse to Lana del Rey, while musically capturing the apex of Blinding Lights with Tame Impala styled production – hero synths and percussion emphasising the instrument of her voice.

Lyrically, for Eves“Sunday Drive encapsulates the feeling of finding someone who grants you a sense of escapism, transcendence from real life. When you spend time with them you forget about the week you’ve just had, the emails in your inbox, the chores and bores of life. They take you someplace heavenly.” 

On the heels of her metamorphosis, she continues “I’m very excited by this song; it represents a fresh direction for me. Jens Resch and I wrote it in Stockholm. Spending weeks jamming together in his basement studio was incredibly influential, shaping the overall direction of the entire record. Produced by Jens and Chris Zane who took the utmost care in bringing my vision to life. I half jokingly (but definitely somewhat seriously) refer to this new work as indie-emo-yacht-rock. It has very broad reaching influences that have come together in a way that really makes me feel something.”

Sunday Drive embarks a new trail for Karydas, burning all the tapes and moving on. A chapter that sees Eves ascend as a multi-disciplinary creative in control of all elements of her vision, inspired entirely by her own empowerment.

Sunday Drive is out now – BUY / STREAM HERE

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