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At just 18 years old, Felicity Kircher is a dynamic and promising emerging artist who captivates audiences with her magnetic stage presence. A true artist with a plethora of talents under her belt, Felicity will be delivering the wow factor again with her latest track i am cry.

i am cry stands as an ambitious response to the complexities of modern heartache. This compelling track serves as the quintessential anthem for those navigating the tumultuous waters of heartbreak, drawing parallels with the artistry of Olivia Rodrigo and Holly Humberstone. Simultaneously, it weaves a nostalgic thread of the 1980s, sprinkled with echoes of TOTO and the retro nostalgia found in modern artists like The 1975.

The song encapsulates the rollercoaster of emotions that accompany teen heartbreak. Kircher articulates these sentiments in lyrics such as “people keep on holding hands, it’s making me sick,” and “all the memories that feel sour, can you help me forget them?”

Its unique approach to heartbreak is what sets this song apart— it teeters on the brink of hope and longing but ultimately chooses a path of acceptance in a somewhat passive manner with lines like “I really had your back, but forget about that.” 

Guided by the expertise of two renowned Australian musicians/producers, Charles Dugan of The Boat People and Aaron Shanahan (Miami Horror, Dream Dali, Sunday), i am cry comes to life through a modern and timeless production. Felicity shares, “This tune was such a cathartic song to write; it was a truly transformative experience to express such raw and honest feelings through music. Ultimately, my hope is that this song becomes a sanctuary of understanding, healing, and release for anyone grappling with the heartache of a strained relationship.”

To celebrate the release, Felicity Kircher will be hosting her i am cry single launch at Brisbane’s Black Bear Lodge on October 5th, with support from Chris Sheehy and Lottie McLeod – TICKETS HERE.

For over a decade, Felicity has been a consistent presence at major music events, annually gracing the stages of Tamworth and Gympie Muster. Her melodic voice has also become a tradition at Brisbane’s EKKA, where she has performed for many years. 

In recent years, Felicity has regularly visited the Queensland Children’s Hospital, where her music brings joy to the young patients. She also spreads her musical cheer at Radio Lollipop and aged-care centers. In addition to her music career, Felicity occasionally graces the theatrical stage, showcasing her versatility as an artist.

In 2021, Felicity released her debut singles including Feeding The Fire and Will I Ever Be, followed by her 2022 singles Sweet Tea and Long Time Coming.

2023 saw Felicity completing the recording of her album with the renowned singer/songwriter Shane Nicholson, slated for an early 2024 release. Kircher recently had the honor of supporting Melody Moko on tour as well as opening for Leanne Tennant and Casey Barnes. Her warm, rich, and quirky vocal tones, coupled with her unique ability to connect with people make Felicity an inspirational and entertaining artist.

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