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Hard To Find showcases Western Australian singer-songwriter Finn Pearson at his finest and most introspective. Marked by sincerity, this polished gem reveals a charmingly rustic base. It tells the story of an artist who can translate the minutiae of existence into accessible and empathetic indie-folk-rock.

Drawing influence initially from traditional folk music, his sound nestles comfortably in the space between Australian front-runners Hollow Coves, Xavier Rudd and Sons of the East.

Putting emphasis on the rush of melodic yet rhythmic instrumentation, Hard To Find is a tune that possesses the ability to simultaneously invigorate your body for a dance and warm the cockles of your heart in equal measure.

Slightly more jaded, Finn Pearson doesn’t sing about the promise of resolution or the enduring happiness of existence. Instead, he takes a realistic approach to capturing the ebbs and flows of existence. The result is a painfully accurate portrayal of the feelings of subtle isolation and caged emotions. 

“All of my music stems from an emotional place, but Hard To Find is a bit of an outlier because it draws on a place of desensitisation to vulnerability rather than from the feeling of vulnerability itself. Sometimes being emotionally honest all the time can take its own toll, and it can be easier to be hard to find. Hard To Find is in essence about struggling to open up to others, and feeling the need to put on a facade after realising that sometimes always wearing your heart on your sleeve can lead to more trouble than it’s worth.” Finn Pearson

Recorded at Rada Studios, Hard To Find was co-produced by Timothy Nelson (WAM Song of the Year, Best Folk Act, Best Pop act, Eskimo Joe) and then mixed by Dan Carroll. Closing out the power team was Mastering by William Bowden (Gotye, Spacey Jane) at King Willy Sound. 

“The producer Timothy Nelson and I went back and forth a lot about the direction that the song could go stylistically and sonically. Hard To Find has always been a bit of an enigma for me and the band; I feel as though we never played it exactly the same way twice live, so untangling it was a bit of a process. We tried a few different arrangements and tempos, and in the end we arrived at something more akin to The Go-Betweens and other jangly classic Australian indie-rock than my previously folky sound. We really went to town on the acoustic guitar layers, and Claudia’s backing vocals are obviously a really special part of the track, but the entire band arrangement just feels so alive and organic to me.” Finn Pearson

Accompanying this release is a launch show, showcasing the energy and joie-de-vivre Finn Pearson has been known to incite. Since honing his skills and expanding his repertoire within local venues on the Western shores of Australia, this launch show marks a special moment as his passion for live performance and music creativity intersect.

“Hard To Find was one of my favourite songs to perform live for a long time because I could smash out an electrified rock version with the band one night, and then play it slowed-down at an acoustic solo gig the next night and it still felt good.” – Finn Pearson


Thursday September 1st  – The Bird, Perth (WA)
w/ Mia June & Ribs 

Hard To Find IS OUT NOW

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