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Ixara Dorizac (known as ixaras), the 16-year-old musical prodigy known for her infectious indie rock tunes and unwavering commitment to inclusive live music experiences, proudly announces the launch of her record label, Anti Dismal. Born out of her own frustration with age restrictions in the music industry, Anti Dismal aims to break down barriers and provide accessible live music opportunities for all ages.

The triple j unearthed High finalist has long been a vocal advocate for youth access to live music. Her journey began at the age of 14 when she founded Anti Dismal in response to being denied performance opportunities at 18+ venues. Now, Anti Dismal stands as a beacon of inclusivity and accessibility in Brisbane’s music scene, offering not only captivating live shows but also serving as a record label and event management company.

“The importance of exposing youth to live music is crucial to the growth of the Australian music industry as those experiences foster the next generation of creatives. Denying underage folk this access, especially aspiring musicians, hampers the growth and development of future talent,” said Ixara.

Anti Dismal‘s mission is multi-faceted, with a focus on creating, distributing, and promoting music while also managing and organising all-ages gigs. The label’s commitment to providing safe and engaging spaces for young music enthusiasts has garnered widespread acclaim, with events regularly attracting diverse audiences spanning multiple generations.

In an exciting development, Anti Dismal is proud to announce a partnership with Brisbane-based music distribution company, DistroDirect. This collaboration will enable Anti Dismal to amplify its reach and impact, leveraging DistroDirect‘s robust infrastructure to support emerging artists and further expand access to quality live music experiences.

“We’re thrilled to partner with DistroDirect,” says Dorizac. “Together, we will continue to champion the importance of youth access to live music and provide a platform for emerging artists to thrive.”

With the launch of Anti Dismal and its partnership with DistroDirectIxara Dorizac and her team are poised to revolutionise the music industry, one inclusive gig at a time.



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