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Brisbane’s ultimate duet, Flamingo Blonde and Asha Jefferies sing it out in new single Karaoke, Baby!. A sonic sweetener, the indie anthem is Flamingo Blonde’s newest drop from his forthcoming EP ‘Two Trick Pony’, out Friday 1 September.

Featuring vocals from the divine Asha Jefferies, Karaoke, Baby! lures you in with its euphoric glow of shimmery riffs and cushy bass lines. A coming-of-age track, the single is an ode to Brisbane’s beloved Blutes Bar and its karaoke nights of love, lust and heartache.

Flamingo Blonde talks through the deeper meaning behind Karaoke, Baby!,The demo was called Karaoke Lobby originally, but a misread of the file name sparked the song’s theme and character. It became an ode to both failing relationships, mutual respect for a partner, and also Meanjin’s greatest Karaoke Bar – Blutes. With 90% of my nights out there, shredding my voice doing ‘Lips of an Angel’ by Hinder – it felt natural to build a story about two people accepting they’ve fallen out of love, but sometimes you just have to wait out the 1.5 minute instrumental.

Belting it out with good friend and collaborator Asha Jefferies, Flamingo Blonde says, “It’s been lovely to share and write this song with Asha and I’m over the moon she put vocals down on the song as well – the one take queen.

Ruffling some indie rock feathers, his new EP ‘Two Trick Pony’ will feature recent single Eddie along with Karaoke, Baby!. Set to be a melding pot of fuzz-drenched guitars and brainy lyricism, the EP will hit ears this September.

Flamingo Blonde is the project of James Bartlett, supported by the best band this side of the brown snake, The Brunettes. In only a short time, the Flamingo Blonde live show has become synonymous with the spirit of Brisbane: warm and untamed. An unpredictable experience that has to be seen up close, Flamingo Blonde has supported the likes of Last Dinosaurs, Hope D, Jaguar Jonze and Beddy Rays. On top of that, they’ve proven that their sunny sounds can pull a major crowd, selling out hometown Brisbane shows at The Zoo and The Brightside.

Karaoke, Baby! is available now wherever you consume great music.



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