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Infusing elements of 90s grunge / noise-rock with their authentic, homegrown sound, Kanamuluka Lutruwita / Launceston-based punk quartet, Meres today unleash their hard-hitting new single, Ocean View.

Taking aim at climate change ignorance and the importance of fast action, vocalist Mary Shannon penned the lyrics to Ocean View after reading an article that shed light on the alarming environmental impacts predicted for 2050 – an unsettling thought at best.

“This song is fuelled by a sort of ‘exhausted by it all’ anger and feelings of disempowerment, while trying to balance these feelings with the narrative that we are responsible for our own well-being and our own happiness,” explains Mary. “Who cares if young people don’t have a future? At least the internet and fat cats can remind them that it’s their own fault, even though real change is in the hands of corrupt pollies who couldn’t give a fuck about life beyond their own.”

Produced by Anna Laverty (Stella Donnelly, Camp Cope) and mixed by renowned US engineer, Justin Pizzoferrato (SASAMI, Dinosaur Jr.), Ocean View is the first taste of the band’s dynamic debut album, which is due for release later this year.

Drawing influence from bands like Pixies and Magic DirtMeres combine a barrage of nostalgic, angst driven guitars with a gut-punching vocal delivery to acknowledge the struggle of fighting for a sustainable future, even though things don’t always look so promising.

“As someone that has lived with mental health issues her whole life, I am one of the many, many people who are trying,” Mary explains. “Doing the work but in earnest, finding it hard to fight for anything when the future looks so dire.”

With their first release of 2023, Meres are banging down the door with riff-rampant, moody rock in new single Ocean View, which aims to ignite positive change while transforming anger into a headbanging good time.


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