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Alternative rockers Frank Carter & The Rattlesnakes have released their new single The Drugs featuring Jamie T via Golden Robot Records & AWAL

This track showcases the immense talent of The Rattlesnakes with Frank and Jamie‘s vocals complimenting each other throughout. 

The Drugs explores what it is like to be a witness to addiction whether that’s through your own experience or watching someone else go through it with Frank commenting, “The Drugs was written after a few long conversations with some beautiful friends of mine who had been struggling with addiction. Getting clean and staying clean is a long and difficult road but the lessons I learned in 2007 still ring true today. Life is a difficult journey, it’s easier with good friends around.”

“Jamie and I had been talking about making music for years and when he asked me to sing on his tune ‘British Hell’ I jumped at the chance. When I asked him to sing on The Drugs he returned the favour in perfect style. The song The Drugs was my recorded observations of how addiction and medication in all its forms can ruin lives.” 

“2007 was a wild time to be a young punk navigating the music industry. One of the things I learned very early was friends were hard to find, but when you found them you had to hold on tight. Jamie has been my friend since we bumped into each other backstage at a gig in Austin Texas in 2007. Gallows had just finished playing a set, I had been punched in the face and he walked in and I just smiled a bloody smile and we’ve been friends ever since.” 

“Two sides of the same coin Frank and I,” Jamie T adds. 

In 2015 the band released their debut EP ‘Rotten’ before releasing their first full-length album, ‘Blossom’, later that same year.  Their second album, ‘Modern Ruin’ saw the band complete their current line up with Frank Carter on vocals, Dean Richardson on guitar, Tom ‘Tank’ Barclay on bass, Russell Elliot on guitar and Gareth Grover on drums. 

2019 brought their third album ‘End of Suffering’ to life featuring single Crowbar and continued to cement the bands place in the industry before the untimely shutdown of the world. The time in lockdown allowed the band to meticulously work on their fourth album, ‘Sticky’, released in 2021 and featuring a guest appearance from Joe Talbot of Idles on lead track My Town.

2022 will see Frank Carter & The Rattlesnakes release The Drugs and a second single via AWAL in conjunction with Golden Robot Records, before the band continues to work on their new album which will be released via Golden Robot Records, their new home label in US, Canada, Australia and NZ.



With thanks to Golden Robot Records

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