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Since releasing their debut hit About You— which took them from bedroom producer to national queer icon — G Flip has sold out all 5 of their Australian national headline tours, toured the US with K.Flay and Fletcher, released a critically-acclaimed debut record (titled ‘About Us’), been nominated for three ARIA Awards, won a MTV EMA Award, scored 9 places in triple j’s Hottest 100 (from 2019-2021), headlined Sydney’s Gay & Lesbian Mardi Gras, and recently recorded an original song for Netflix film ‘Back To The Outback’. Consistently proving themselves to be one of the country’s most extraordinary talents, they’ve also earned a number of gold, platinum and multi-platinum singles. 

Today, G Flip releases new single Waste Of Space, which follows on from latest cut GET ME OUTTA HERE. G penned the note from below to sit alongside the release:

Dear World, 

Today, I released my song Waste Of Space. The song and video are about my gender identity and, to be honest, I wasn’t sure if I would ever release this song. 

A few months ago, my gender identity was thrown into headlines and talked about more than I ever thought was possible. I’ve been flooded with messages and questions about being non-binary. There have been many positive messages including from parents reaching out and asking on how to best support their non-binary children, as well as messages from people who just want to understand what being non-binary is and means. But there have also been a lot of hateful messages about my gender identity and people even telling me that I’m not non-binary. As I receive more and more of these messages, I realise how much education the world needs when it comes to gender identity. Even though I wasn’t sure if I’d ever release this song, the more I thought about it, I realised how much the world needs this song.

Today is International Non-Binary People’s Day. I’m releasing this song because I know that if I had this song as a kid, it would have changed my entire life.

My first memory of being confused about my gender was when I was 7. I played with the boys and wore the boys uniform to school because I thought I was one of them. One day, the boys told me I couldn’t play with them anymore because I was a girl. I went to the girls table in hopes that I would belong there. But they also told me I couldn’t play with them because I was dressed like a boy. I was left in the middle, with no one to play with. The kids would call me a “waste of space” and I was ostracised. This left me confused.

When you Google “non-binary” it says neither a man nor woman, but it’s so much more than that. It’s a spectrum. I’m not neither, I feel like I’m both. Everyone lies on a different part of the spectrum, even those who identify as a girl or a boy. 

I’m proud to say the entire cast of the music video identify as non-binary or gender-fluid, and the crew behind the camera are over 85% queer and 55% gender non-conforming. For everyone involved with ‘Waste Of Space’, it wasn’t just another day at work. We are all passionate about the overall mission of my project to bring queer and non-binary representation to the world. 

I feel like my purpose on this earth is to educate the world on gender identity and be the non-binary role-model that I never had growing up.

Representation in the media matters. I, along with so many other gender non-conforming souls, are here. We are present and we are going to make noise so that this generation and future generations aren’t ostracised for being their beautiful, authentic selves.

To anyone who’s ever felt like a waste of space, you’re not. You’re important, you matter, and you have purpose in this world. 

G x

It’s been a big year for G Flip – a string of sold out headline shows and Pride Festivals across the U.S.A, and a big year of collaborations including GAY 4 ME feat. Lauren Sanderson, Queen feat. mxmtoon (#64 triple j Hottest 100), Waiting Game feat. renforshortNot Even In Vegas feat. Thomas Headon and Scream feat. Upsahl.

G Flip is set to play their show Enby at The Espy tonight in celebration of International Non Binary People’s Day. They will then perform at Splendour In The Grass and Spin Off Festival next week before a run of summer festivals, which will see them cap off the year at Spilt Milk, Falls Festival and Lost Paradise.

Waste Of Space is out now via Future Classic


With thanks to Bossy Music

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