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Words by Tracey Moyle Music Maven
Photography by @Ummagummamumma

Melbourne powerhouse Among The Restless has left the cold Victorian winter behind, heading north, heating up the east coast with their ‘All I Want Is Everything’ EP Tour.

Among The Restless have been working hard earning their place as one of Victoria’s most dynamic young rock acts. Their latest EP ‘All I Want Is Everything’ captures the band’s diverse rock influences, full of massive riffs, addictive hooks, and belting rhythm. The band pull their sound from alternative, indie, grunge, prog, and heavy rock.

Thursday night saw the band land in the sunshine state heading to Vinnies Dive Bar on the Gold Coast for their first Qld show. Their supports were equally impressive with their own unique style, sound, and stage presence. They were joined by local bands River Movement and YONDER for a night of music no one there would forget. Everyone there was fully present and ready to rock.

Kicking off the night, Gold Coast locals YONDER balanced out the small dive bar stage with drums, guitar, bass and keys front and centre. They started without fanfare, straight into opening track Same. The smooth dulcet tones from lead vocalist Jordan Huxley, filled the room. With an upbeat tempo, the band took the crowd into Fly Ahead with Jordan’s vocals more than a little reminiscent of Coldplay’s Chris Martin. The soft keys and steady rhythm of Show Me How To Dance gave Huxley a chance to show off his vocal range. A warm seductive timbre was supported by the band’s steady and smooth lounge bar feel.

If U2’s Pride (In The Name Of Love) and Coldplay’s A Sky Full Of Stars, could procreate it would appear as Guess. A song that showcased the talent of all four musicians.  They showed versatility with a classic blues track Say You Want Me, and brought the crowd to their feet with Jordan’s tale about selling a car he didn’t want to say goodbye to, in the style of an old-school Aussie pop-rock anthem with Car Song. Jordan invited his brother and guitarist Brendan up to the mic for a Dancing In The Dark cover before closing the night with the crowd up and dancing to Late Night Show.

YONDER is yet another example of the outstanding talent playing around our incredibly supportive local music venues, just needing to be discovered.

After a quick reset, local crowd-pleaser River Movement took over the stage ready to impress everyone present with their diverse combination of rap, rock, folk and jazz. The band opens into a steady drum beat building up to an almost tribal beat with frontman Jordan Winslade rapping his way through the opening track. Incredibly crisp rock guitar sings out in One Page. Winsdale’s verse combined with a melodic chorus creates a fresh combination. Latest single It All Goes Away, comes in with a funky melodic rap, and a very cool bass solo. The chilled danceable vibe runs through into Live Like You, a reggae backbone carries the verse into an incredibly catchy melodic track. The band combines rap, reggae and folk-infused feels with Kristian Kennedy making his guitar sing.

Winslade opened up to anyone in the room to come freestyle, leading the charge with band members joining in with their own contribution creating a jazz-like improvisation amongst the band members. Know You More brought out raw emotive poetry carried perfectly by a moving accompaniment. They took the crowd out with their unique mix of funk, jazz, rap, folk and rock. Everyone in the room was ready for more.

It wasn’t long before Among The Restless took over the stage and the cozy venue exploded.

They opened their set with Define. Emotive guitar and stirring vocals with a Zepplinish tinge set the tone before the song drops into a barrage of heavy grunge riffs. From the open chords the track wavers between the big sounds of the ‘70s and the loaded guitar-driven ‘90s. Lead vocalist Rhett James has the appeal of a well-seasoned frontman oozing with charisma, performing directly to the crowd.

The new EP is the tour’s star, and they take the crowd through the tracks. Straight into Missing Pieces, a  big alternative track with emotive vocals opens, the band come together flawlessly indicating a tight unison within.

Torn continues the onslaught with drummer Jaidyn Hale leading the track through the steady verses and belting it out through the chorus. Guitarist  Lachlan Dunn joins in with melodic backing vocals and blasts the performance through the roof with big killer riffs.

They take us back to 2021 with their political frustrations aired in Wastecase. James sings with fury and passion, moving between the stage and the floor for more room to move. Once again Hales‘ drums drive the track in a big way with Josh Marra coming in solid on bass. Then back to new music with Star Crossed, guitarist Seamus Glenn joining Dunn, putting in their all to smash out this big rock track. They continued with another massive track, No Sense//No FeelingJames back on the floor like a powerhouse, playing Vinnies Dive Bar like it’s Fortitude Music Hall. His vocals are as dynamic as his stage presence. The band, tight as, belt home the track’s climax. People are coming into the venue off the street to check out the show.

Their latest single, bass-driven track, Ego has everyone up and dancing. They follow up with a slower pace, moving back to 2021 and the temptation of Lucy. This track is slow and heavy and has everyone completely entranced.

They close the set with another track from their 2022 EP ‘Define’, Slave Within The Change. A massive onslaught of guitars, drums and vocals. A small but spirited mosh pit forms in the front showing the enthusiasm for this dynamic young rock band.

The crowd aren’t satisfied and calls for “one more song”. The band worked out the perfect send-off with a cover of Bulls On Parade by Rage Against The Machine. 

Tonight we witnessed three amazing bands. All with their own unique sound well and truly ready for more within the Australian music scene.

But the true champions of the night were headliners Among The Restless. This dynamic rock powerhouse from Melbourne may be new to the scene, but their future is all but sealed. If they continue to produce their rousing brand of versatile rock n’ roll with this level of skill, charisma and energy, there will be no stopping them.

Please support our local artists and head out to a live show or check them out on your favourite streaming service.


Among The Restless ‘All I Want Is Everything’ Tour Dates

June 10 – Tomcat, Brisbane w/ Reckless Coast & Catching Salmon – TICKETS
June 16 – Transit Bar, Canberra w/ st.sinner & Rental Snake – TICKET.
June 17 – Duke of Enmore, Sydney w/ Bellwether & MayeFlower – RSVP HERE – FREE SHOW
June 23 – The Night Cat, Melbourne w/ Blue Vedder & Stevie Jean – TICKETS



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