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Words by Tracey MoyleMusic Maven Events

Photography by Elizabeth Sharpe @ummagummamumma

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Sandstone Point Hotel put on a fine show with iconic Irish siblings The Corrs performing for their Queensland fans in a night of pure musical elegance. It’s been almost 30 years since the band debuted their unique brand of pop-rock heavily infused with their own traditional Irish influences. However, this stunning family could have easily walked out of a time machine onto the stage appearing as vibrant, joyous and stunningly beautiful as they did decades ago.

They were joined by the equally as vibrant homegrown icon Natalie Imbruglia, the exquisite US songstress Toni Childs and leading the next generation of dynamic female artists, Adelaide sisters Germein.

Sandstone Point offered a different arrangement for the night. Scattered picnic rugs were scarce with several seated areas and a VIP lounge available for those who wanted it, and by all accounts, it seemed the venue was completely packed with fans of all ages.

It was late afternoon when Germein sisters Georgia, Clara and Ella took the lead and opened the show. The band have been making waves across Australia with their beautiful harmonies and unique brand of indie pop over the last decade.

The Adelaide-born and bred family have been taking their brand of pop to the world for years touring with bands such as Little Mix. The sisters recorded their 2013 debut album ‘Because You Breathe’ in Ireland. But tonight, they were playing for their Qld fans alongside three industry icons and they were beaming when they took the stage.

The sisters’ vocals were smooth and their energy was vibrant and upbeat. Sheer joy beamed from lead vocalist Georgia, drawing the crowd into their musical essence. The trio moved through soulful tracks filling the stage with as much sunshine as there was shining in on them. Bringing their heartfelt indie pop rock to a whole new crowd, the South Australian sisters not only warmed up the crowd for the upcoming much-adored artists, they’d won over a whole new group of fans spreading their wings, building up their own homegrown following.

Emmy award winning artist Toni Childs took to the stage without fuss or fanfare, taking a ten-minute technical delay in her stride, as they continued with a sound check. Sitting perched at the front of the stage, she took a photo of the crowd with her phone, gave her guitarist a hug and waited patiently for the sound issues to be sorted out. Finally, with her guitarist sitting by her side, she introduced the band and flowed skilfully and gracefully, opening up into her 1991 hit I’ve Got To Go Now.

Conscious of the intensity of the Queensland afternoon sun, the artist looked absolutely glamorous, happy and comfortable, donned in her wide-brimmed hat and stylish sunglasses, looking completely at home and comfortable in front of her QLD fans.

Taking advantage of the photographers in the photo pit in front of the stage, she had two willing participants assist her and took her shoes off, ready to jump up and dance on stage. Barefoot and full of energy, she flowed into her hit Stop Your Fussin, her vocals still as strong in 2023 as they were in 1988.

Toni continued with a dynamic elegance through House Of Hope and lifted the energy up more than a few notches on stage, and throughout the venue, with popular hit Don’t Walk Away. Childs confirmed the decades haven’t changed a thing, bouncing around the stage with a vibrant energy, bringing new music, including her new song Lift, to the fans. Childs showing fans her passion for music and her internal fire are still alive decades after her 1988 debut. Dramatic vocals, bring out a certain vulnerability in her music. Her tracks are a melding pot of intense storytelling backed by hauntingly powerful vocals.

Taking out the set back to where she started, seated perched, on the front of the stage, she performed I Believe In You, singing directly to the crowd. She moved down into the barrier singing alongside her fans, joining in on the loving energy that only music can produce. Back on stage, Toni closed her Sandstone Point performance looking glamorous, confident, happy, and relaxed.

With the sun setting to the left and an almost full moon to the right Natalie Imbruglia’s band took over the stage opening up What It Feels Like, with Imbruglia bouncing onto the stage a minute later, shimmering in both style and personality. Her fans adore her and it is obvious she adores them right back. Her smile says it all. She was beaming with gratitude for the crowd and thanked her extended family for being there. She gave a shout-out to her year 3 school teacher, who was there for the show and told of how she inspired her musically at such an early age when she would bring her guitar to class. She cited her alongside her dad, as being a great influence along her musical path.

She took the crowd into her track Shiver with the sea breeze picking up and bringing a chill through the air. This didn’t slow Natalie down. Working the stage, she used the breeze to her advantage. “I was always jealous of Beyonce and her wind machines”. she laughed.

She announced her new music releasing her album ‘Firebird’ last year after years of fighting a writer’s block and took the fans into Maybe It’s Great. Telling the story behind the song, she beamed when she told the fans she recorded alongside The Strokes guitarist and renowned solo artist Albert Hammond Jr in Byron Bay releasing the track in 2021.

Imbruglia played through her hits, the fans singing along word for word. She moved from the danceable Build It Better, to the smooth and sultry lounge bar befitting Smoke, with gentle keys and her smooth timbre the crowd was carried away in song through to its building crescendo. She was beaming with joy throughout her performance of Just Like Old Times, and Habit and took the fans to that next level with her worldwide smash, Torn. Although this song has been covered many times, Natalie’s version sold over four million copies worldwide making it by far the most loved. She closed the night out with the iconic track Big Mistake leaving fans full of just as much joy as this much loved local artist projects on stage.

The night was windy and a bit chilly for a typical Brisbane spring evening, but the crowd weren’t complaining, packed into what seemed like a full house at the oceanside venue. The Corrs arrived on stage to a roar, with fans moving from all corners of the massive venue to get the full effect of this magical musical ensemble. Opening with Only When I Sleep, the band worked the entire stage, engaging their fans with their festive spirit. The three sisters Andrea, Sharon and Caroline look stunning in their shimmering finery. Brother Jim is not as shimmery but equally as eye-catching as his siblings. A giant sheet of glistening material is draped across the drum risers making the stage appear as if it’s a giant glistening disco ball. The effect is magical.

They have the crowd singing along from the start as they flow effortlessly through Give Me A Reason, Sharon lifting the energy with her violin solo.

The sweetest harmonies shine through on Summer Sunshine and the band spoke about their love of Australia as the violin opens and they take the fans into the stirring instrumental conjuring images of their homeland in Erin Shore before leading into the smooth and sultry hit Forgiven, Not Forgotten. The harmonies through this song are showcased in a way that maybe only siblings as talented as The Corrs can achieve.

They continue through their extensive catalogue of music pausing to pay tribute to Fleetwood Mac songstress Christine McVie who passed away almost a year ago. They led the crowd into a mass sing-a-long with a cover of Little Lies in honour of the much-loved singer.

The integration of the musical culture form their Irish homeland brings a vibrant and joyous energy to their music creating a delightful wave of cheer across any crowd and tonight was no exception. Joy of Life/Trout in the Bath brought people to their feet dancing a happy jig whether they wanted to or not, their hearts and their feet were in control. Caroline comes down from the drums joining the family up front with a smaller percussion instrument combined with traditional instruments violin, tin whistle bringing a festive vibe out to the crowd.

The night continued with a mix of jubilance and heartfelt moments as the siblings displayed their many talents moving from guitars, to keys, to violins, to tin whistles and more, alongside stunningly melodic vocals.

The gathered crowd sang and danced along at every moment whether it was a moment of merriment tapping along to a traditional Irish jig, singing along to a cover of Fleetwood Mac’s Dreams, or one of their favourite Corrs tracks I Never Loved You Anyway, Runaway or Breathless. The music fans at Sandstone Point finished off on a high with Toss The Feathers, taking out the night in a pure joy that only traditional Irish music can evoke. With current times that seem to envelope such a heavy vibe in the world, it was a beautiful reminder of how important music is in bringing joy into our lives.

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