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Eora/Sydney based experimental-rock band GODSWOUNDS have returned with their boundary-pushing new track Tantamount Love – produced and mixed by Toshi Kasai (Melvins, Tool).

Taking cues from the likes of King Gizzard & The Lizard WizardDeath Grips, and The Mars Volta, Tantamount Love is an unparalleled convergence of diverse prog-rock expressions. Enthralling chants seamlessly meld with enigmatic frontman Lachlan Kerr‘s eclectic vocals, as 8-bit Gameboy samples intertwine; capturing a sense of nostalgia. Deftly arranged brass soars amid mercurial time signatures, maintaining a sense of unpredictability, as instrumental breakdowns infuse the single with a mesmirising energy.

GODSWOUNDS talks about the inspiration behind Tantamount Love: “Etched onto the stationary of a hotel notepad, the late, great Freddie Mercury left clues to the original title of Queen’s famed ‘Bohemian Rhapsody’. What was it originally called? Why, ‘Mongolian Rhapsody’, of course! ‘Tantamount Love’, is our take on what a Mongolian Rhapsody could be. It’s a psychedelic history of the of the rise and rise again of Mongolia jam-packed into high energy and fury.”

Accompanying the release is a music video that was filmed, directed, and edited by band’s frontman Lachlan Kerr, who taught himself animation from scratch to create it. The video is a vivid and psychedelic animation that time-lapses through the history of the Mongolian Empire until modern day. Bursting with vibrant colours and intricate visuals, it seamlessly weaves an amalgamation of history and contemporary life, where the band members become epic characters journeying through pivotal moments of history.

In the live arena, GODSWOUNDS have toured with Regurgitator and ventured internationally, including a tour to Japan and a year-long residency in Taiwan. Additionally, the band established their own festival, ‘Sonichimaera,’ in Eora/Sydney, featuring artists from Europe and Asia. Their previous releases have also received support from FBi Radio2SER and many other Australian community radio.

Drawing inspiration from early and late classical music, 80s/90s video game music, Rock and Metal, GODSWOUNDS came to life during the band’s time in Taiwan, where they honed their sound whilst learning a foreign language. For their debut studio album, they collaborated with long-time producer Toshi Kasai in Los Angeles, enlisting the drumming prowess of Dale Crover from Melvins. 


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