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Eora/Sydney-based indie-rock group Good Lekker have unveiled their vibrant new EP ‘Portraits’ â€“ produced and mixed by Daniel Willington (Thunder FoxILUKA) and mastered by Steve Smart at Studios 301.

‘Portraits’ is six tracks of delectable songwriting and charismatic harmony, ranging from driven, animated hooks, to sensitive touches of emotive dexterity. Brimming with qualities of spirited flair and modern rudiments, the EP is a radiant encapsulation of Good Lekker‘s capacious artistry.    

“The theme of ‘Portraits’ builds on what the lead singles explored – the uncertainty of your mid-20s and a lingering fear you’ve followed the wrong path in life,” explains the band. “This isn’t a conceptual album – we feel that ‘Portraits’ is a snapshot of our lives and a reflection on our fear and anxieties. It’s more musically mature and content than past Good Lekker offerings. It’s more introspective and self-critical than our back catalogue as well.”

The EP begins with the brief inaugural track IN2, spotlighting a rapidly ascending synth amidst a frenzied aura, transitioning fittingly into Death Scroll. The permutation of playful melodies and spirited percussion sets the tone for the illustrious hook, where the band flex their creative calibre. Recent single Show I Care continues the vivacious formula, with rich guitars complimenting redolent keyboards scattered throughout the resilient mix.

Marking the midway point of the EP is Pretty Boys, contributing a nostalgically endearing soundscape through syncopated rhythmic qualities that honour the infectious leads. Groove-laden verses pave the way for an elevated chorus, capering with effervescence, before an eclipsing bridge.

Following this is focus track Life In Real Time, revisiting the same vitality that jumpstarted the EP, flexing dynamic variety and a multicoloured hook, highlighting the group’s virtuosity. The track is complimented by its accompanying music video, filmed and edited by Connor Duke (CMD Film), alternating between performance shots and intriguing animation.

“The clip follows the protagonist (Alex Gray) as he disassociates and loses track of reality,” comments vocalist Joshua Fahy“It follows to the station, where the band act as antagonists shadowing and pestering Gray. Finally, he overcomes the hallucinations and escapes to the comfort of the band – who have been inside playing poker the whole time. If read allegorically, the ending can be viewed as closure or escape from negative external forces and consequences and taking ownership over your life and its direction.”

‘Portraits’ closes out with the emotive final track Feed the Feeling. Recapping the journey Good Lekker have embarked on, its melancholy introduction builds and swells into a cathartic release, celebrating the circumstances that have become the blueprint of their artistic offerings.

Having just performed alongside beloved acts Pacific Avenue and Big Twisty, Good Lekker will be embarking on an East-Coast headline tour in May, including performances at The Lady Hampshire in Eora/Sydney, The Workers Club in Naarm/Melbourne, and Tomcat in Meanjin/Brisbane.

Throughout the previous year, Good Lekker toured extensively across the country, playing headline shows and supporting the likes of Bootleg RascalShag RockThe Moving StillsBritish India and Keli Holiday (Peking Duk). Since their inception, they’ve shared the stage with beloved acts such as MALLRATHockey DadThe VannsTeen Jesus and the Jean TeasersBoo Seeka and The Babe Rainbow.

‘Portraits’ is available worldwide now!




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