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Rising pop artist Heleina Zara has announced her anticipated EP ‘Autopilot’will drop on Friday April 12th (through Island Records Australia). The announcement of Autopilot comes hand-in-hand with the release of Emergency Exit; the latest charismatic pop offering from the forthcoming EP. 

Heleina’s goal is to make music that cuts straight to the heart emotionally. She approaches her songwriting with an unapologetic boldness, refusing to shy away from expressing exactly how she feels in the moment. The 8-track EP embodies that spirit. She explores feelings of displacement, heartbreak, loneliness, and anxiety, all while crafting songs that immediately lodge themselves in your brain.

Says Heleina, “Writing “Autopilot” the EP was definitely monumental, full of ups and downs, mirroring the different points in time of my life that I was in. Almost a coming of age if you will. The theme “Autopilot” is a consistent flavour in each song, along with the song’s own unique spice. Looking back, working on this EP for three or so years, is definitely something special & rewarding to see all come together in its own time. I’m beyond excited to share it with the world and hope it makes people feel a little less alone and heard.”

As the opening track on her EP, Emergency Exit is a glitchy, disorienting pop song that introduces us to the personal themes of the record. Throughout, she explores those moments when life knocks you down with both a sense of honesty and defiance. All the complicated growing pains that present themselves across the EP are dealt with differently as Heleina filters nothing.

Featuring eight songs, all were penned by Heleina Zara with additional co-writes including  Jonny Shorr (Alex Lahey, JORDY), the Beamish Brothers, Kanada The Loop, Jude York, Riley Biederer and Tom Eggert. Each song showcases her ability to fuse instant hooks with heart-on-sleeve lyrics. From the clever and catchy Convenience Store, to the sassy and self-assured Boundaries and the moving ballad, Wait. Written between Australia and LA, it was the new single Emergency Exit that marked a turning point for Heleina, where she was able to let the songs flow out naturally, blocking any fear of oversharing. It’s a breakthrough that extends to every song on ‘Autopilot’.

Music has been a constant companion in Heleina‘s life since the age of 7. As a young girl navigating the tumultuous waters of growing pains, she channelled her emotions into songwriting, using music as a powerful coping mechanism. Her parents, both working in the airlines, led her through various countries, climates, and time zones during her upbringing, adding layers of diversity to her life experiences.

  As well as spending the last year in studio, she’s also been carving her teeth on stage. Heleina has toured with a lineup of impressive artists, including Carla Wehbe, Peach PRC, Wallice, Gretta Ray, Jack Gray and last week’s Melbourne show with US artist Hemlocke Springs.

Emergency Exit IS OUT NOW

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