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One of Australia’s brightest new pop artists Heleina Zara unveils, Wait, her third single release through Island Records Australia/UMA.

Written by Heleina, the moving ballad was born from a pivotal night when the 22-year old singer-songwriter attempted to end her long-distance relationship after months of long-distance-conversations eventually taking their toll. “It felt…more isolating to have this “thing” with a person I had barely met yet and make it into reality,” Zara says. She wrote Wait in the midst of these feelings, a month before the relationship eventually came to an end.

“Wait is a special track to me,” says Zara, noting that it was one of the first tracks that she started for a forthcoming EP. It’s also one that she’s taken the time to get exactly right.

Using her music to process her heartbreak, the singer-songwriter’s vulnerable vocals take centre stage on the piano-led Wait, slowly and gently building to a stunning climax. Her personal lyrics are brought to life in the song, with dial tones interweaved throughout.

With the help of her friend and collaborator Jude York (who helped write Convenience Store) the duo worked together to take the demo recording to another level.

Accompanying today’s release is the official video, directed by Melbourne-based Mitch Mey.  His creative concept through the black and white video was to “showcase Heleina’s vocal and instrumental performance as she coveys the narrative of a virtual romance that has ended.”

Music has been a constant companion in Heleina‘s life since the tender age of 7. As a young girl navigating the tumultuous waters of growing pains, she channelled her emotions into songwriting, using music as a powerful coping mechanism. Her parents, both working in the airlines, led her through various countries, climates, and time zones during her upbringing, adding layers of diversity to her life experiences.

Zara has spent much of this year in the studio writing between LA and Australia but she’s also been carving her teeth on stage. Currently on tour with Carla Wehbe, Heleina has also toured with a lineup of impressive artists, including Peach PRC, Wallice, Gretta Ray and Jack Gray, further expanding her fanbase.

Wait serves as an impressive addition to Zara‘s small but evolving discography. Her music is characterised by an unwavering commitment to emotional authenticity, offering listeners a unique glimpse into her evolution and the diverse experiences that have fueled her artistic vision. This song follows up a suite of punchy pop tracks Convenience Store, Alphabet Soup and Cardboard. While tonally very different to Wait, they each house that unique, confessional songwriting.

It’s just the beginning but for such a fresh artist, she’s already carved out a strong artistic identity.

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