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Reminiscing on the lost art of physical photographs with Matt Corby & Alex Henrikkson, Gold Coast’s Hollow Coves penned Photographs as a nod towards member’s Matt Carins’ mother, who kept a photo album for him since the day he was born. With a plucky, quirky nylon string guitar, the duo set about constructing the song with Matt Corby during one of their first writing sessions for their sophomore album ‘Nothing To Lose’. The interwoven guitar parts, backing the tender vocals of both Matt Carins and Ryan Henderson.

With the release of Photographs, Hollow Coves have also announced their forthcoming sophomore album ‘Nothing To Lose’. Wanting to challenge their writing muscles, the duo wrote separately for the first time in a long time, adding songs to a working folder as they were completed. Those tracks that would resonate with the duo, they would then work on together. Co-writing with Matt Corby, Alex
Henrikkson & Chris Collins in Northern NSW, the sessions went so well that Hollow Coves landed on Matt Corby as the perfect producer for the album itself.

“This was the first song we wrote during our writing sessions with Matt Corby and Alex Henrikkson. We ended up having a conversation in the studio about how photographs use to be something special that people would keep in a photo album. However, now that we can take photos with our phones, it seems like photos will most likely just get lost amongst the sea of photos. Matt (Carins) brought up that his mum has kept a photo album for him and his siblings since they were born. We all thought that was pretty special and kind of a lost art in this day and age. So we decided to write a song about her and the lost art of the photograph.

The whole record is based on our personal experiences of trying to slow down and realize that living simply is the best for our souls. The world is in such a rush these days and with that there’s a lot of
stresses and anxieties. Our lifestyle from living on the Gold Coast and having such a great community made us naturally write about topics that will hopefully inspire the listener to think about what’s actually important to them.”
Hollow Coves

Accompanying the Photographs release is a music video for the track, dosed in nostalgia and warmth. The film sees Hollow Coves performing in a cosy house, with interspersed footage & photographs of their childhoods, bringing together the old and the new.

Accruing over 1 billion global streams, Hollow Coves maintain a massive online presence that also includes over 200 million YouTube views and 2.4 million Shazams.

The surge in popularity of their 2021 single Coastline on a platform like Instagram earned Hollow Coves more acclaim (it was in the Top 20 most used songs on U.S. Instagram Reels that year), as well as becoming a Gold-certified record in Australia and Canada. Additionally, Hollow Coves have enjoyed extensive Australian and international radio and media support via the likes of triple j, Triple J Unearthed, Billboard and more.

As live performers, they have performed extensively in domestic and international markets, including notable festivals such as Osheaga, Pukkelpop, Reeperbahn, Live At Leeds, Woodford Folk Festival and more; and have supported artists such as The Lumineers, The Paper Kites and Passenger to wide praise.

Photographs IS OUT NOW
‘Nothing To Lose’ will be released on March 1st


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