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Sydney-based band, In Good Hands, have released their latest dose of wholesome indie rock with their newest single, How ‘Bout Time? The fourth single from the group explores concepts of staying brave in the face of adversity, whilst maintaining the catchy melodies and epic guitar solos they’re known and loved for. The track is a perfect way to see off the summer season, with vibrant and upbeat energy that is reflective of their Australian indie-rock influences The Vanns, The Rions and Spacey Jane.

“In contrast to our previous releases, How ‘Bout Time?’ had a relatively different upbringing! It has seen many iterations not only in melody but also in song structure and general mood. While the writing has certainly been a slow burn, we are absolutely stoked with what we have been able to produce.” – Jack Kenyon (Vocals / Rhythm Guitar)

How ‘Bout Time? comes after 3 successful releases, with their debut track, Lately, surpassing 20,000 streams. The boys have been busy recording across 2023, anticipating many more releases to come this year after working alongside producer Jack Nigro (Pacific Avenue, The Terrys, Dice). 

“Working with Jack was a real no-brainer for us. His CV speaks for itself and we have always been extremely inspired by what he is able to produce. Jack puts major emphasis on adding sonic interest throughout the song and really finding areas where we can make the track stand out.”Harry Archbold (Bass / Backing Vocals)

In Good Hands are also no stranger to the live music scene, earning their stripes since 2021 as they have been gathering a promising following that has helped sell out their headline shows at acclaimed Sydney venues such as 3 Wise Monkeys, Factory Theatre, Hideaway Bar and Kellys On King. Their live shows are not one to be missed, so make sure to catch them at their single launch next month at Waywards, Newtown on March 9th.


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