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Today, indie-rock trio Last Dinosaurs enter a new era with the release of a motorik song Afterlife. The Dinos take a grungy wall-of-sound approach with fuzzy guitars and a raw production style. After releasing their acclaimed album ‘From Mexico With Love’ last year, which featured Lachlan Caskey as the main songwriting vehicle, Afterlife sees the return of Sean Caskey as a primary songwriter.

Sean elaborates, “Afterlife was inspired by an AI artwork by Luke Nugent from his ‘Shopping For Gifts’ series. It features two mildly warped Asian guys standing in an unrecognisable yet very familiar train station, both holding portable TV devices. The image struck me in such a strong way that left me staring at it for hours and days. At the time I was struggling to find a true inspirational element to act as the axis for all my songs until I realised that the key was to make the album that was being broadcast through these futuristic TV devices.”

To celebrate the release of Afterlife, Last Dinosaurs are playing a one-off Australian show at The Factory in Sydney, Australia on Saturday 23 September, with support from Caroline & Claude, JNR, and Bridge Dog. Find tickets HERE.

Since their 2022 LP, ‘From Mexico With Love’, Last Dinosaurs have basked in critical acclaim from Rolling Stone AustraliaNMEFLOOD, FLAUNT, and Under the Radar, while touring around the world to bigger rooms and even more ravenous crowds.

Now they’re back with fresh new music, headlining dates in Sydney and London, and a fast-selling U.S. co-headlining tour alongside fellow Aussies Vacations, dubbed ‘TOURZILLA’ which kicks off this fall at All Things Go Festival in Maryland. See the complete list of tour dates below and find more details HERE.


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