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It’s no secret that rock and roll is a way of life and let me tell you something for nothing, the new wave of Australian rock and roll is simply next level. There’s a uniquely sexy and exciting swagger about it that I don’t think you fully understand unless you’ve been brought up on it. Bands like Grinspoon, Jebediah and Gyroscope led the way in the 1990s and 2000s but now the new guard including bands like Kingswood have cemented their place firmly at the top of their game in Australia and indeed further afield as they move to expand their sound overseas.

Melbourne outfit Kingswood burst onto the scene in 2012 and following the release of three singles Yeah Go Die, Medusa and She’s My Baby, the 4-piece were supporting acts including The Living End, British India and were the named Triple J Unearthed Winners for a slot at Splendour In The Grass. In 2013, Kingswood supported Grinspoon on their Australian tour and were fixtures on Groovin’ The Moo, Big Pineapple Music Festival, Golden Days as well as the final Big Day Out festival run. Since then, the band have released five full-length of albums (‘Microscopic Wars’, ‘After Hours, Close To Dawn’, ‘Juveniles’, ‘Reveries’ and ‘Home’), earnt themselves stacks of fans across the country and indeed the globe after supporting the likes of AC/DC and Aerosmith, and have traversed many a tour across Europe and North America.

Now, Kingswood have embarked on their most ambitious tour to date – The “Hometowns” tour – which has seen the band play more shows on a single tour (~100 dates) than ever before on record in the history of Australia, specially modifying a coach to support the overwhelmingly extensive undertaking. Kicking off in November 2022 and wrapping up this weekend, the Good Call Crew JUST had to know what is getting the KW fellas through these dates, so we asked frontman Fergus Linacre what his Top 5 Tour Must-Haves are and he delivered all the *juicy* details just for you!

1. A positive attitude
Touring can be demanding in many ways, constant travel, minimal sleep, away from family and friends. You’re in close quarters with the team for a long time, so it’s important to keep it positive and fun. Keep an eye on each other and be supportive. Key to making a long tour the best possible experience for everyone. And when the gang is happy filters through to the shows. 

2. Uno
We actually haven’t played that much on this tour. But on our US/Europe tour last year we played about 500 games. There is often down time, and Uno is a glorious way to pass the time. We have a new game called Bang on the bus that’s been getting a good run too. 

3. Peggy (The Tour Bus)
We love Peggy, the heart and soul of the band. Our tour bus takes us everywhere, we live on it, sleep on it, it’s home. Lounge at the back for watching movies, popcorn machine, kitchen, bunks and much more. It has all we need and I can’t see us doing an Aus tour without her. 

4.  Golf Clubs
I love golf, and touring on the bus means there is room to bring my clubs along. It’s glorious to get away from it all and hit the course for a few hours. I need to get my game ready for the Music Industry Masters in July.

5. Good Headphones
A decent pair of headphones so you can tune out the nonsense when needed. We all go a little mad and sometimes you need to go to your happy place. My happy place of late has been Star Trek Next Generation, because I am cool.

If you haven’t got around Kingswood yet, there has never been a better time than right now! Don’t miss your last chance to catch KINGSWOOD on the remaining dates of their ‘Hometowns’ Tour, which wraps up this weekend.

Remaining shows on sale NOW – TICKETS HERE


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