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Since their inception in 2017, Meanjin Alt-Rock Metal 4 piece Vesper Green have withstood the test of pandemic-time and line-up changes to come back stronger than ever in 2023 – their hard work, boisterous, supercharged stage presence and promising future earning them a spot amongst some of the best local acts and one electrifying international outfit at this weekend’s RIFF MOUNTAIN.

RIFF MOUNTAIN, brought to us the bookers of Mojo Burning, Dead of Winter and Aftermath Festivals, is a two stage, 13 band event bringing Brisbane’s underground together under one roof (with a solid aim of blowing that roof right off!) at The Back Room, this Saturday, June 17.  The full line up includes Hammers, Gutterfire, The Black Armada, Acid Cherry, DeadYet?, Grinding Eyes, Far From Paris, Eyethewild, Roadhouse,  Zuko, and of course, Vesper Green.  Headlining the event and for the first time ever in Australia are Sweden’s Deville.  There is limited capacity so GET YOUR TICKETS NOW!

In the lead up to this showcase Nick and Rangi from Vesper Green have (probably created some controversy and opened a can of worms) done us the honour of sharing their top 5 riff lords in the local music scene…

Pretty hard to make an actual comparable list here, like, there’s so many good muso’s out there dude, in every genre.

We should probably specify that this is in no particular order, otherwise people are gonna be lining up outside our next show to box on with us… Actually would be alright for PR.

Does that mean we can charge more for tickets??
Should do,

Start with Steve.

StevePassion Cactus – Luthier

Steve’s an incredible guitarist and session musician, I’ve jammed with him in multiple situations and his versatility as a musician is incomparable, man. His improvising skills are great too, he can slot into any jam, anytime.. On top of that he’s a brilliant luthier, he built my telecaster that I play live and also used it to record a fair bit of our upcoming EP … so thanks Steve xx hasn’t broken yet.

Everyone in Passion Cactus deserves a fat mention though, like Blair is a shredlord too…his other band Brat are all over the place right now, and they’re hot AF.

– Nick

Kella – Elko Fields

Kella is a fantastic songwriter, she’s really attentive to her instrumental tonality, and that’s easy to appreciate in a two – piece situation. Her voice, obviously, as well is phenomenal, she can seriously belt it out. Gotta mention Jindu as well man, he’s such a well versed muso. A true powerhouse on the drums, and he’s a good singer, too.

But yeah, Kella can sing like hell dude, she’s got a huge vocal range and her timbre is so well suited to the music they write. Honestly for a two piece, Elko Fields sound like a 5 piece when they play.

– Nick

Benja – Fight Ibis

Benja’s probably the sweetest person you could ever meet, the fact he’s a bass wizard is kinda just a plus. I went to school with him, I was in awe of him then and still am now.I think Fight Ibis (and any other band for that matter) have benefited from him joining immensely. Upright bass, electric, or whatever… I reckon he’s the smoothest groove guy out there. His other projects are pretty great too, like Sleeping – much more chill than Fight Ibis, but still awesome in their own right.

– Rangi

Rohan – Cult Choir

Rohan’s a proper shredder, dude. Double kick rolls for days, and he’s a good writer as well. He really stands out in Cult Choir, his drumming compliments the rest of the band whether they’re playing hard and fast or a bit slower and feel-y, which as a drummer I think is pretty hard to do. Honestly it’s awesome to see someone play with as much energy as him, and show off that much enthusiasm for the instrument he plays. Cult Choir just released a new single a couple weeks ago too, anyone reading should definitely go check it out.

– Rangi


Henry – Bean Magazine

He’s such a chill guy man, but onstage he’s got that Frank Carter manic thing going. He’s got rad onstage energy, and channels it through good songwriting as well. Every chorus Bean Mag writes is super catchy, so it’s hardly surprising that they’re gaining notoriety so quick. Every show I’ve been to so far has had a huge audience reaction, though considering Henry’s performing ability, it makes sense. Love his voice too, he can rip out some seriously impressive notes, and he’s like, harsh but crooning at the same time. Very it.

– Nick

And you can check out Vesper Green and keep up with all their latest happenings here:


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  • mypassiveincome23 says:

    This is great! I’ve been looking for some new local bands to listen to and Vesper Green’s list of riff lords is perfect. Can’t wait to check out their music and see them at Riff Mountain!

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