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Sydney-based, indie rock, 5-piece outfit Pastures, are already making waves with their 2023 reemergence.  In conjunction with the release earlier this month of Sweet Desires, the lead single from their forthcoming debut EP (due out later this year), Pastures now follow through with an accompanying clip.

The captivating music video, shot during the recording of their EP, serves as a glimpse into the band’s creative process and invites viewers to experience the closeness and camaraderie shared among the band members. A perfectly curated and combined set of visuals for the nostalgic indie rock track that is Sweet Desires

The track serves as the lead single from their highly anticipated debut EP, set to be released later this year. With its shimmering sounds and introspective lyrics, Sweet Desires encapsulates the complexities and nuances of living in the moment.


Pastures enlisted fellow musician and engineer, Oscar Saran (Coconut Cream), to record and mix Sweet Desires at his Sydney studio. Saran’s expertise allowed the band to achieve the perfect emotional impact while maintaining a fresh and distinctive sound.

Written by vocalist/guitarist Dylan Bender in 2020, Sweet Desires delves into the emotional journey of finding one’s place in an unpredictable world. It explores the pursuit of cherished experiences that ultimately lead to futility and the subsequent liberation and joy that come from surrendering to the organic nature of human existence.

“‘Sweet Desires’ is about chasing an experience that brought you joy, knowledge, insight and richness in your life to a point of futility – trying to force a feeling you cherish, to little avail. The song articulates the experience of acknowledging these failing attempts and the subsequent feelings of freedom, liberation, and joy that come from realising that these experiences will find you when, and as they should, in good time. The song serves as a call to blissfully surrender to the organic nature of human experience, and the natural ebbs and flows of life.”

As fans eagerly anticipate the EP’s release, Sweet Desires offers a tantalizing taste of the dynamic and enchanting soundscapes that await them. Stay tuned for more updates from Pastures as they continue to captivate audiences with their musical prowess.



Pastures Press Photo, with all 5 band members standing and looking into the camera.

Pastures Sweet Desires Single Artwork: Victoria Fernandez Jones

Pastures Press Photo Credit: Abbey Haberecht

Thanks to Beehive PR

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