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Sydney’s R&Pop artist IRFXXN has returned, building upon the strong foundation of his breakout track, with a new slice of music in Time. A global star on the rise, IRFXXN has expanded his scope of influence exponentially in the last year with a fusion of sounds and musical textures reaching strong, dedicated fan bases around the world.

Time focuses on relationships and in IRFXXN’s delivery, the listener is able to access moments of nuance on intimacy. A song about the “unheard and unsaid”, Time is an introspective offering that IRFXXN describes as accessible for anyone who has ever had moments with a significant other where communication may be the hardest thing to engage with.

IRFXXN has given us his TOP 5 things that he needs for every session in the studio… and some may surprise you… You gotta cover the whole spectrum – everything matters!

  1. Good Lighting or if not then completely minimal lighting. Need to set the mood for real. Energy is important in the room and the right amount and color of lighting is necessary to be as productive as possible. Everything you can do to get those creative juices flowing is always helpful and you never know what can inspire you so keep the surrounding aesthetic.
  2. I need a lot of water! It’s so important to stay hydrated during studio sessions, sometimes my producers keep me in the studio for hours and we might be singing the same take again and again, it’s essential to keep those vocal chords hydrated,  whether it be with a signature chamomile tea or a lemon infused tea with a scoop of honey!
  3. Good company or none. Either have to be surrounded by people that understand what the room is about or be by myself.  Making sure the room is filled with people who are like minded and wanting to grow and not cause distractions. People that you can bounce new ideas off of and you can trust to give you honest opinions and not just agree with everything.
  4. A fresh fit! If I don’t come to my studio sessions dressed to impress, we ain’t making any bangers. I think it’s scientifically proven, haha just kidding. It’s important to me because it gets me in the mood to work and hone in what I’m feeling at that time. It just makes it that much more real! I mean in any case, all my fans love me in a suit, so it’s good for that too.
  5. A notebook and pen, I find it essential to write down my lyrics, it makes it that much more authentic to me. It makes the brainstorming process a fair bit easier. It’s helpful in helping me memorize the lyrics faster and get used to the flow of the song. If you’re writing in a book you can cross ideas and put new ones in without losing what you thought previously. Never know what gold you think of that might not fit in that moment but that you can still use in another section or another track. 


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