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Ferntree Gully’s roughest, toughest, sweetest and cutest hardcore punk band, La Famiglia, have returned with their third single, which is sure to lose friends and alienate people. One of The Boys is a 2.5 minute beatdown directed towards masculinity and male behaviour; indicting men for the way they behave when they think no one is watching.

One of The Boys  moves La Famiglia in a heavier direction. With a 90s beatdown hardcore groove, inspired by NYHC legends Madball, the song pulses forward with energy and aggression. A distorted and dissonant bassline carries the song fiercely over a primal, tom-laden drum beat and layers of guitar feedback. Frontperson Luke Seymoup’s vocals meld elements of Glenn Danzig and Freddy Cricien, centering themselves amongst the song’s themes of aggression, sorrow and remorse.

Seymoup says of the track: “90s hardcore is so overly macho and masculine; when we wrote the instrumental for this track, the antagonist in me knew that the only appropriate thing to do here would be to write lyrics that are the complete antithesis of that. I’ve known men in my life. I’ve been a man in my life. Just because the world has normalized men acting in despicable ways, it doesn’t mean that we have to accept it. We all need to be better. We need to make amends for the attitudes and actions of our pasts, even when they seem minor. Especially when they seem minor. Just because you’re male, it doesn’t mean you need to be one of the boys.”

One of The Boys is the third single taken from La Famiglia’s debut album, ‘FTG WWD’, due out in early 2024. The song was written, recorded, mixed and mastered by Luke Seymoup. 

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