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Legendary UK metal giants Orange Goblin are back with details of their long awaited new studio album ‘Science, Not Fiction’.

Set for release on 19th July,  ‘Science, Not Fiction’ will be the band’s first release on the iconic Peaceville label (Darkthrone, Autopsy, Candlemass).

To accompany the announcement, the band have shared their new single (Not) Rocket Science – a matter of fact observation on the human tendency to over-complicate life – alongside a swirling animated lyric video by Matthew Vickerstaff.

Speaking on the track, frontman and lyricist Ben Ward says “It’s basically saying that life can be pretty simple and straightforward if you just stop wasting your time and make each day count. Be prepared to work hard, don’t expect any hand outs and basically enjoy yourself along the way. When Chris came up with the music he said it needed something that could be delivered in a Bon Scott / Lemmy style and I think it came out really well”.

‘Science, Not Fiction’ was recorded at Woodworm Studios UK in late 2023, with production and mixing duties carried out by Grammy winning producer Mike Exeter (Black Sabbath, Judas Priest and Tony Iommi) and mastering conducted by the esteemed Peter Hewitt-Dutton at The Bakery in LA.

From the explosive death-boogie of opener The Fire At The Centre Of The Earth Is Mine onwards, the band’s tenth album crackles with energy and belligerence. Following the departure of long serving bassist Martyn Millard in 2020, Orange Goblin welcomed close friend Harry Armstrong (formerly Hangnail) into the fray, making ‘Science, Not Fiction’ his first studio outing with the band. With the new line-up fizzing with chemistry, the hard rocking likes of (Not) Rocket Science, The Fury Of A Patient Man and The Justice Knife breathe new life into some classic Orange Goblin tropes. Meanwhile, twisted prog-doom detours like False Hope Diet and Cemetary Rats take the Londoners into epic new territory, with everything from skull-shattering punk ‘n’ roll to transcendent space rock hurled into the swirling brew.

“It is a continuation of what we’ve been doing, and that’s because when we write, it’s a big mixing bowl of all of our influences and favourite artists, and we try and create the perfect band that we always wanted to hear,” Ben states. “This album, it’s just more accomplished and mature, I guess. None of us are spring chickens anymore and we’ve got ten albums under our belts now. I feel like we’re more professional in the recording studio, I feel like we’re better musicians and writers, and now with me looking after myself, I feel like my performance is better as well. It’s all moving in the right direction.”

For the last 30 years, Orange Goblin, London-based hard rock lifers, have tirelessly flown the flag for balls-out heavy metal and maximum rock ‘n’ roll. Driven by passion, persistence and heartfelt love for metal’s dark magic, Orange Goblin have always been a vital force and a risk-free bet. But while some may be content to trade on past glories, Orange Goblin view heavy metal as a lifelong pursuit. In 2024, they open a new chapter in their heroic saga, marking it with the release of their tenth studio album: ‘Science, Not Fiction’.

“People have funny ideas about what heavy metal is. But to me, it’s an attitude, it’s a lifestyle, it’s not something you decide to dip into. You either are or you’re not.  And it’s for life.” Ben Ward, Orange Goblin

(Not) Rocket Science IS OUT NOW

‘Science, Not Fiction’ will be released on 19th July –



Tuesday April 9: Lion Arts Factory, Adelaide
Wednesday April 10: The Basement, Canberra
Thursday, April 11: The Zoo, Brisbane
Friday, April 12: Crowbar, Sydney
Saturday, April 13: The Croxton, Melbourne


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