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Photo Credit: Alix Richardson

Tyler Richardson is excited to announce his debut album, ‘Heaven In The Suburbs’, due for release October 14 via Cooking Vinyl Australia.  The record was a promise to himself, testing his own abilities to write his first full-length solo album. The album features ten tracks, a myriad of experiences we can all find easily relatable. ‘Heaven In The Suburbs’ can be pre-ordered here.

“This album was something I promised myself a long time ago I’d complete. Even though it’s now done it still doesn’t feel bloody real, it’s been such a huge goal and a bit of an albatross to be honest. Always stresses me out thinking about it unfinished and sitting there rotting away. I guess I had so much to prove to myself, I never thought of myself as able to write a full song which didn’t suck and this has helped, a bit anyway. I guess it speaks a lot to the life I am living and how I am actually amazed at where I am and how I am today. Never thought this would be my reality, but things do change and you’ve got to accept it. Easier said than done, but I’m bloody lucky, I know that I am, and I need to tell myself to remember it. Heaven in the suburbs is how on sunny mornings it seems when I’m drinking coffee in bed with Alix, watching Marley watch the street below. It’s a damn good feeling to be alive in those moments, and I need to have that at the front of my mind when I am not feeling that life is fine. There’s always that spot in bed and the sunshine is never that far away. Thanks for listening.”Tyler Richardson

Tyler Richardson has also shared a new single and lyric video for Fighting In A Losing Game – a song he wrote about a close mate. “We did everything together, coming up as young idiots, travelling, going to shows and a whole bunch of stuff I’ll never speak of (everyone knows it anyway).”

Tyler will be part of an epic line-up of artists celebrating 10 Years of Crowbar, playing on Sunday November 20 alongside Phil Jamieson, Jamie Hay & Jono Barwick. Tickets here


Tyler Richardson has spent the last 13 years singing out front of the Tasmanian legends Luca Brasi.

What started as a punk rock band, assembled for fun by good mates in the sleepy Tassie town of St. Helens, evolved into one of Australia’s most-loved rock acts.

Five full-length albums, hundreds of gigs and festival appearances have aided Luca Brasi in continuing to build a passionately loyal fanbase. Fans who have grown up with the band and earnestly scream Richardson‘s lyrics back at him live as if they penned the words themselves. The connection between Luca Brasi and their fans is genuine and beautiful.

Like all of us, Richardson found himself with time on his hands over the last couple of years, so in mid-2020, he and his good friend, Ben Stewart of Slowly Slowly decided to release a split 7″ as a bit of fun. A song from each singer, they put it up on Bandcamp, and the response was insane; the 7″ sold out within an hour.

With that experience and, as the pandemic continued, even more time available, Richardson got a little more ambitious; “I made a promise to myself that I can write a solo record and finish it, I made that promise a while back”.

Once again, Tyler decided to enlist the help of Slowly Slowly‘s Ben Stewart “I’m beyond stoked to be doing this, working with Ben has been nothing short of amazing. We’re old, old mates and he just seems to get me and what I was trying to do”.

Luca Brasi fans need not fret about the future of the band, as Richardson confirms “Brasi will always be my Number One, but feeling my way through this has been unreal. Doing this has done so much good for my songwriting (I hope it shows). I hope you enjoy it”.

Fighting In A Losing Game is out now
‘Heaven In The Suburbs’ is out on October 14 – PRE-ORDER HERE

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