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Melbourne’s (Wurundjeri Country) indie-folk aritst marigolden recently released her gorgeous single Mars on March 3 and is now pairing it with a feel-good music video.

The delicate track explores Mel O’Neill’s frustration with humanity and a feeling that, in a sense, has her wishing to scrap it all and start fresh. Filled with emotion, Mars seesaws from unrestrained joy to heart-aching despair while navigating this introspective narrative.

To accompany this warm and tender track, marigolden â€“ with the help from Heap Stoked Productions –  brings this story to life in the music video that, while filled with joyful moments, it does beg the question, how much solitude is too much solitude? O’Neill states:

“During the peak of the 2020 bushfires, and just before COVID-19 hit Australia, I finished writing Mars. I wrote ‘make the streets empty’ and then they were. There was something ironic about it that brought levity to the heaviness of that time for me. I wanted the music video to reflect that. The consequences of those bushfires continue to this day, as does the aftermath of COVID-19 and I don’t want to undermine the seriousness of that. I just want to provide some short relief to those who carry it.”

Waking to a quiet home, marigolden helps herself to breakfast before not long realising something is amiss. Taking the doggo for the morning walk, they find themselves amidst a desolate neighbourhood. With no one in sight, bicycles are tipped over unattended, grocery bags are spilled on the footpath, and marigolden quickly realises that she and her doggo are the only ones left – everyone has left for Mars. 

Left with absolute freedom, marigolden explores homes, dances in the street and relishes in her own company as she has the best time ever. For a comical ending, marigolden is seen trying to explain to her dog where everyone went, prepping a toy rocket for lift-off. Wearing helmets and goggles, it makes for a genuinely joyful moment, depicting marigolden’s gorgeous nature to a tee.    

Joining the well-received single that has seen support from the likes of Triple JTriple J Unearthed3RRRPileratsAAA Backstage and much more, marigolden’s music video for Mars is out now.  

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