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Electrifying Sydney/Eora based Australian rockers MARVELL, have announced the release of their latest single Study Of Life. The song serves as a poignant anthem, echoing the universal desire to break free from life’s overwhelming trials and embrace a perspective of serenity, wonder, and optimism.

Study Of Life marks MARVELL‘s fourth single in the past year, hinting at the band’s imminent EP or album release. Recorded amidst the serene backdrop of the Victorian countryside, the track was crafted under the expert guidance of renowned producer Jan Skubiszewski and mixed by the esteemed David Hemming, both ARIA award winners. With this latest offering, MARVELL promises to revitalise and revolutionize the Australian music scene with their rumoured upcoming album release. 

MARVELL is known for their electrifying performances and introspective lyricism. With a unique blend of raw energy and melodic sensibility, the band has captivated audiences across Australia, earning acclaim for their dynamic sound and impassioned live shows. With the release of their latest single, Study Of Life, MARVELL continues to push boundaries and redefine the Australian music landscape. 

To celebrate the release of Study of Life and showcase their dynamic sound and newly released singles, MARVELL is set to embark on a nationwide tour across domestic and metropolitan Australia in June and July. Vocalist, Max Marvell, shares his excitement about the band’s latest release and upcoming tour, stating, “Study Of Life is a reflection of our collective journey, a reminder to find solace amidst the chaos of life. We can’t wait to play these new releases live, to share those moments with our fans, and connect with new audiences across Australia.” 

Audiences can anticipate an electrifying live experience, as MARVELL delivers their signature blend of raw energy, captivating vocals, introspective lyrics, and infectious melodies. Don’t miss the opportunity to experience MARVELL‘s electrifying performance live.

Marvell June/July Tour

BRISBANE – Tomcat – June 14th
MELBOURNE – Bergy Bandroom – June 28th
SYDNEY – The Lansdowne Hotel – July 5th


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