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Mulubinba/Newcastle artist Dane Tutty has today released his latest single, the emotive alt-folk track Little Fears.

Following the release of two recent singles (2023’s church & 2024’s I don’t want to do this forever), both of which featured frequent collaborator and long time friend Jen Buxton, Dane has set out on his own once again with one of the most passionate, raw and reflective tracks in his discography so far. 

Little Fears is a stunning piece of melancholic folk; demonstrating the Novocastrian troubadour’s unique vocal style and vulnerable lyricism perfectly. Rustic chord progressions open up the track, setting in a deep, moody tone that opens up completely in the chorus; as beautiful layers of uplifting melodies ignite the song – showcasing Dane’s dynamic style of songwriting. 

The initial themes for the track stem from Dane’s time spent working into the late hours of the night, and the anxieties conjured throughout some of those lonely moments.

“Most nights atm I get high and just try to write a song, basically just cross my fingers as I go to sleep and hope when I wake up and listen to what I recorded it is half decent.. they are generally quite bad tbh but Little Fears was one that worked. Little Fears stems directly from those late nights – and is written about how I sit awake some nights while everyone in the house is asleep and have really terrible thoughts” – DANE TUTTY

Tutty worked with fellow Novocastrian Patrick Truscott (who also performed under the name ChaiChester) who produced the track, with mixing and mastering from local production wiz Mittah Norath of Tommirock Studios (Introvert, Collidescope). Dane’s musical team are a greased wheel at this point; churning out tracks in record time, and enjoying every minute of the process (especially outside of the studio). 

“The track came together really fast and smoothly in the studio, a testament I think to mine and pat Truscott’s long time working relationship.. i love working with pat.. his very talented and great to be around.. I also enjoy driving home late with him from the studio and getting burritos and Dr Pepper” – DANE TUTTY

Dane has been an integral part of the Newcastle punk and alternative scene for years now. Originally from Forster NSW, after relocating to Newcastle he quickly found himself playing bass and touring the country endlessly with his previous band Liberation Front, who were lucky enough to play shows with Anti Flag, The Flatliners and Guttermouth during their time. Recently, Dane has been working hard on his solo career releasing 2 EPs; ‘Bend & Break’ (2021) & ‘Swimming As A Metaphor’ (2022), and opening up for fellow country-punks Amends, as well as Trophy Eyes frontman John Floreani. He also happens to run a popular tattoo studio (@Downundertatoo) that has inked the skin of just about every muso in the city. 

Following the release of Little Fears, Dane Tutty will look to release his third EP in late 2024.

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