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Eora/Sydney-based pop artist Nicole Quigley has just returned with her glistening new single Sip Of Summer – produced by Xavier Dunn (Jack RiverCXLOEGRAACE), mixed and mastered by Klaus Hill (PNAUMasked Wolf).

Reminiscent of Katy Perry’s Teenage Dream, Nicole has created a sugary slice of pop brilliance with Sip Of Summer. An effervescent, dazzling guitar riff gossips with the dulcet tones of Nicole’s vocals as she reflects on a sweet summer love. The bright, sparkling instrumentation paired with an irresistibly catchy hook create a euphoric soundscape that perfectly captures the elation of falling for someone.

Nicole talks about the meaning behind Sip Of Summer: “The song was inspired by a summer ‘situationship’ that I was personally experiencing. At the end of 2021, I remember feeling like I didn’t want that time period to end but knowing deep in my gut that it would. The song touches on themes of romance, anticipation and warmth. However, you get a sense in the song as the lyrics move forward that it is going to end and it’s only a short-term fling. This personal feeling and experience I was having allowed me to write this song really quickly. I remember going home and picking up my guitar and the first lyrics that came to my head was ‘You’re the sweetest taste I’ve ever had’ and then it all just came from there.”

Taking cues from pop queens Kylie MinogueTaylor Swift and Dagny, Nicole utilises contemporary melodies and glittering production to explore her innermost feelings and emotions. Nicole describes part of her writing process, â€œI would say inspiration hits me at the worst times, usually when I am doing my groceries, on a run or at work. This means I quickly have to whip my phone out and record a voice memo, but it happens differently all the time. Sometimes I start with chords or other times it’s a lyric or word that comes. I would say most of my song-writing is based on feeling and personal experience.”

Sip Of Summer IS OUT NOW


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