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Coffee In Japan is the debut release from Brisbane / Meanjin indie-pop artist Noah Bates.

“This is the first song I’ve created independently, where I’ve written, recorded, and produced it all myself. I started the song around eighteen months ago when I came up with the chorus melody and guitar part. From there, it grew naturally, and I added 80s-sounding drums, live bass, and synth pads. Though I sat on the song for several months, fine-tuning and making little changes to try and make it perfect, I eventually realised that perfect might not exist in art. The song explores the idea of fleeting nostalgia and momentary lust while travelling in Japan. I’m really proud of the song, and I’m so excited to share my first single with everyone.” – Noah Bates

Drawing inspiration from artists such as Harry Styles, Shawn Mendes, Spacey Jane and The 1975, Noah crafts music that seamlessly blends pop, rock, and indie elements, resulting in a dreamy and colourful vibe.

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