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Meanjin/Brisbane-based artist OMRA enters an intergalactic dreamscape and explores the great unknown of getting over someone, with her new indie-pop single Weightless (out now).

Her discography of otherworldly tracks led to shared emotional experiences through her appearances at the 2023/2024 Woodford Folk Festival. She’s also been carried through radio waves with her last release Plastic Paradise which landed on the 4ZZZ Top 20 charts and the accompanying self-produced music video was also held up and praised, as it racked up thousands of views.

OMRA’s new single Weightless is pure indie escapism that ignites a powerful sense of nirvana. The poised track balances meditative guitar parts that shimmer and echo like the Milky Way, biting bass lines that sit heavy in the brain, and a stoic drum beat, all topped off with OMRA‘s smooth, dreamlike layered vocals.

It traces the footprints of the emotional journey that comes from finally untethering from an ex-lover and revels in the sense of bittersweet adventure that comes with facing the future without them. OMRA shares:

“You experience a sudden awakening; a realisation that somehow you’ve detached with only time and perseverance to thank. You could be in the same city, in the same cafe where all of your memories took place, and yet you feel a million miles away from your previous life with that person. In my experience, this sensation leaves you feeling both completely free and fascinated by this new vacant space where such a deep and haunting feeling of attachment once dwelled.”

Drift away with OMRA’s single Weightless, out now.



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