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Meanjin/Brisbane-based singer-songwriter Paulina has revealed her enchanting music video for Give It All off her latest EP ‘Just Know, It’ll Be Okay’ – directed by Toby Hobart and the artist herself.

Give It All masterfully portrays the stages of grief, centering on a girl mourning the loss of her childhood best friend. The mature version of the protagonist strolls through a kaleidoscope of memories, beautifully encapsulating the struggle to discern cherished memories from current reality, when grappling with immense loss. The soft lighting and vintage camera lense mirrors Paulina‘s delicate falsetto; emphasising the bittersweet ambiance of the video.

Paulina talks about the inspiration behind the Give It All video: “The music video explores stages of grief – specifically an older girl grieving her childhood best friend who unfortunately passed away. This future and older version of me is seen walking through my own memories of my younger self and my childhood best friend, playing in the front yard, whilst I’m reminiscing on those days and reflecting on how things have since changed. Certain clips within the video depict how those memories haunt me at times, which is further accentuated when the little kids run into the house, and I frantically look for them inside but they are nowhere to be found. When you’re grieving a huge loss, it can sometimes be hard to decipher past memories from your reality, and that’s what this music video is all about.”

Singles off her recent EP ‘Just Know, It’ll Be Okay’ have been widely embraced by triple jtriple j Unearthed, Spotify, Apple Music, and Australian communiy radio stations FBi Radio, 4ZZZ, SYN Media, 2RRREdge Radio, Radio Adelaide and more. She has also been featured as AIR‘s ‘Feature Artist of the Week’, and had multiple videos added to MTV Upload.


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