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Rising Gold Coast-based artist Archer makes an instant impact on the irresistibly catchy new single Bittersweet; a playful bedroom-pop anthem that details the fallout of a one-sided relationship. Full to the brim with ear-worm melodies, dynamic production, and infectious charmArcher proves she is certainly one to watch on Bittersweet.

“The track itself is about going out of your way to change how you are for the benefit of someone else and the realisation that the whole feeling is bittersweet when it doesn’t work out. The story is told in the terms of a relationship that goes sour after miscommunicated expectations which makes it all a bit sassy and fun – I mean not for anyone who takes it to heart though.” Archer

Archer has been going from strength to strength since her impressive debut single Malibu back in 2018, with over 3 million+ collective streams and over 65k + playlist adds across DSPs.  Archer tows the line sonically between pop and hip-hop sensibilities on Bittersweet with grimey, edgy production and fool-proof songwriting technique that has been developing constantly with every release. With a style that is sure to resonate with fans of artists like Mallrat, Sycco, and Allday, Archer brings a fresh energy to the pop scene that feels simultaneously familiar and unique.

Art by Meliora Film

Co-produced, mixed and mastered by Melbourne Rapper/Producer Drest, the track has been in the works since 2022, and finally found its feet earlier this year with the help of Producer Riverine (Allday, 360, YNGmartyr).

“Drest and I had worked on the beat in late 2022 but with different lyrics and then kind of worked on other things and the track was left on the shelf. Then in early 2023 we decided to revisit it because the demo was really cool and had heaps of potential. The chorus started with the line “Boy your rings just make your fingers green ” which was a really cool concept to start to workshop the rest of the lyrics around. Once we’d finished the basic idea of the beat and all the lyrics, we brought on Riverine to beef it up and add a little razzle dazzle to the drops. And so that’s how the track became the way it is.” – Archer

Archer has already seen significant support from Triple J Unearthed, with airtime for Malibu, Words Out and Empty Space, as well as an inclusion in their ‘if you like mallrat’ article. Bittersweet marks Archer’s first release since 2021, and she explains that every aspect needed to align perfectly before releasing the track into the world.

It’s been a while since I’ve released music just because I knew I wanted to get it just right. I’ve always been kind of superstitious and it was important that everything, even the date the bittersweet comes out had to align. So I decided to release the track on the 23rd because I feel like I’ve always seen 23 everywhere, it’s 2023 and I even have a 23 tattoo.” – Archer



Photo by Meliora Film

Thanks to Beehive PR

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