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Meanjin/Brisbane-based singer-songwriter Paulina has unveiled her highly-anticipated EP ‘Just Know, It’ll Be Ok’ – produced by Tim Bettinson (Vancouver Sleep Clinic) and Luke Jenkins.

‘Just Know, It’ll Be Ok’ is a five-track illumination of Paulina‘s heart and soul, as her delicate lyricism imparts a warm touch. Her vulnerability casts an radiant glow, while her angelic vocals effortlessly soar above the electronic landscape, creating a celestial beauty. The spacious synths envelop each track, crafting a dreamlike atmosphere, as Paulina‘s emotive delivery brings healing and hope, assuring listeners of optimism and solace within the melodies.

Paulina talks about the inspiration behind ‘Just Know, It’ll Be Ok’: “‘Just Know, It’ll Be Okay’ is a reminder to have faith in yourself and the world around you. I began writing this project when war in Ukraine had just broken out and America’s Supreme Court began stripping more and more people of their human rights, all whilst I was dealing with my own personal life and finishing high school. I was put into quite a dark headspace at times simply because of how overwhelmed I was by the negativity in our world. However, I kept reminding myself that even though things were tough at times, I had to believe that everything would be okay in the end.”

Worth Fighting For opens the record with mesmerising symphonies of goosebump-inducing sounds, blending harmonies that soar and elevate Paulina‘s melody. Precisely placed percussion adds a delicate heartbeat, resonating with profound emotion against an ever-drenched ambiance, creating an otherworldly experience.

In the focus track Give It All, vocals and instrumentation seamlessly meld, pausing delicately after each breath, drawing into an intimate and vast world. Paulina‘s voice carries emotional weight, conveying hope and sadness amidst the dreamlike atmosphere. The warm timbre of the piano provides an uplifting and bittersweet ambiance, enveloping the listener in a cocoon of tender memories.

Hearsay marks the centre, shifting the tempo and aura with captivating percussion and an unwavering bass groove. The fourth track Don’t Let Me Go features a spellbinding allure, heightened by the inimitable vocal falsetto and features Aodhan‘s yearning contribution, resulting in an expansive and heart-rending musical affair.

The final track, Maybe We’re Running features angelic vocals gliding over an uplifting orchestral landscape, exuding enchanting and expansive qualities. The melody dances amidst reverb-washed instrumentation, striking a delicate balance between a euphoric and melancholic finale.

Singles off ‘Just Know, It’ll Be Ok’ have been widely embraced by triple jtriple j Unearthed, Spotify, Apple Music, and Australian community radio stations FBi Radio, 4ZZZ, SYN Media, 2RRREdge Radio, Radio Adelaide and moreShe has also been featured as AIR‘s ‘Feature Artist of the Week‘, and had multiple videos added to MTV Upload.

In the coming weeks, Paulina will release the accompanying video for ‘Give It All’.



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