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Introducing the Brisbane-based indie rock outfit Paper Lane. With their vintage pop-meets-rock sound and no-holds-barred lyricism, they are debuting with the impressive single, Better In My Head  out now!

Consisting of Taleena PeckLuke MartinDavid Rentell, and Harry SchneiderPaper Lane offers a delightful and relatable glimpse into the mind of an individual navigating simple interactions, only to find themselves unintentionally disgraced.

This playful yet painfully accurate track is layered with a fun indie groove and lush guitars, capturing the essence of those moments when conversations sound much better in one’s head. Taleena Peck’s smooth, warm, and passionate vocal delivery adds a touch of authenticity, making this track a consolation for anyone who has experienced such relatable mishaps.

Paper Lane’s debut single is a polished entry into the indie rock landscape. Boasting a feel-good energy combined with sophisticated songwriting, Better In My Head effortlessly blends elements of pop and the slightest tinge of alt-country, resulting in an accessible, nostalgic and timeless sound. With rock riffs intertwining seamlessly with breezy acoustic guitars and a trademark indie rock beat, the song offers an invigorating and assured display from the band.

Paper Lane’s distinct sound can be described as a fusion of Spacey Jane’s catchy melodies and Paramore’s empowering energy, with a unique twist that is entirely their own.

As one of Brisbane’s newest indie rock acts, this debut single, Better In My Head, is just the beginning of their journey, as fans and music enthusiasts alike can expect to be graced by more of their authentic storytelling soon.

Better In My Head by Paper Lane is out now, on all major music platforms.



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