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Dive into the euphoric and heart-pumping allure of Melbourne’s electro/indie pop artist POLLY who has released her magnetic single We’re Not Really Strangers packed with steamy dance floor energy.

Quickly showing that she has an innate ability to craft powerful technicoloured electro and dream pop, this is just her second single, following up on her debut single Sunday, which was released in August 2023 and garnered over 10k streams. Adding that smooth glimmer and polish to POLLY’s absorbing vocals and songwriting, she has teamed up with Melbourne-based producer Jeremy Drakeford, known for working with artists like Lachie Gill, Carda and Emily Falvey.

Bubbling with cool, sensual energy, We’re Not Really Strangers is glued together by a hypnotic drum and synth bass combo as POLLY’s silky vocals work their way through passionate and seductive lyricism. Layers of synths swell, bursting into heated choruses as the pulsating rhythm of the drums and bass pump through with a hypnotic effect. POLLY’s smooth vocal delivery soars over the track in an effortless fashion, leaving knees weak and stirring a dazing desire.

We’re Not Really Strangers explores the rekindling of emotions after being reacquainted with someone after a long time and the polarising feelings that come with it. POLLY speaks on the meaning behind the track:

“I wrote this song to process that weird feeling when you reconnect with someone from the past that you once knew inside out, and then time passes by, and all of a sudden they’re a stranger again – but like, not really? And you both are awkward and not sure how to navigate the strangers but not really territory.”

Reconnect with that long, lost love and feel that passion reignite with POLLY’s irresistible new single We’re Not Really Strangers.


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