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Melbourne’s own GREAT ~ FALLS are set to release their debut EP ‘Negatives Into Positives’ on March 22. This five-track EP takes listeners on a journey through the band’s unique blend of alternative and indie rock. Great ~ Falls’ catchy melodies and introspective lyrics are sure to captivate audiences from the very first note.

The EP kicks off with the energetic and upbeat Custard Heart, showcasing the band’s ability to craft catchy hooks and driving rhythms. Navy Strength, the EP’s second track, slows things down a bit with a more introspective and emotional vibe which is sure to leave a lasting impression. April’s Child is a standout track on the EP, featuring an incredibly catchy guitar hook and soaring vocals that build this masterpiece of a track.

Throughout the EP, Great ~ Falls delves into the ups and downs of love and self-discovery. With lyrics that are both introspective and relatable, ‘Negatives into Positives’ explores the struggles and triumphs of navigating the complexities of human relationships. From the uncertainty and vulnerability of new connections to the pain of lost love, Great ~ Falls‘ lyrics are raw and honest, inviting listeners to reflect on their own experiences and find the path to better understanding themselves and others.

“The songs were developed over the past five years and reflect an attitude that we always hope to adopt. To be Northside Dreaming, approach everything we do with a warm, rich Custard Heart, let our inner April’s Child out, have the Navy Strength to always be open to opportunity and to never, ever drink our tea cold.”Great ~ Falls

‘Negatives into Positives’ is a fantastic debut from Great ~ Falls, showcasing their unique sound and impressive musicianship.  

Turn up the volume, and join Great ~ Falls on this incredible journey. ‘Negatives into Positives’ will be officially released Wednesday 22nd March.

STREAM ‘Negatives Into Positives’ NOW before it’s official release on March 22!

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