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Photo Credit: Through Sam’s Lens

After hitting the ground running in 2021, Super Ghost have burst into 2022 with an
animated music video, a string of successful shows across South-East Queensland and now a head-turning single.

Coming off the back of their debut work, ‘Left for Dust’, Super Ghost returns with a freshly initiated drummer, Nathaniel Preston, to surprise again with an innovative and moody masterpiece recorded at Plutonium Studios.

The alternative rockers have been slaving away behind the scenes, perfecting their engaging, high-energy performances and the catchy complexities in their songwriting. The Falling Downs marks a new beginning for Super Ghost, hinting at the more creative and experimental musicianship within the group as they begin to turnover the stones of math rock.

“We haven’t talked about this much because it sounds pretty fabricated, but when we were writing ‘The Falling Downs’ we had a weird experience. We decided to bring our guitars to the Broadwater on the Gold Coast one evening to get some inspiration and we were really struggling to come up with a song but we heard some noise in the water. We went over to check it out and saw dolphins hanging out and it was honestly the most surreal experience. We ended up finishing the song that night and although it’s strange, it definitely happened.”

The Falling Downs explores the motions and emotions of instability often found in relationships and life events. The inescapable feelings of uncertainty and being caged in is felt from the push and pull of the tempo, the haunting 60’s tremolo on the guitars and the rich, flowing vocals. When asked about their upcoming track, Super Ghost provided some insight stating:

“We spent a lot of time focusing on what we are good at and where we want to go with our direction. With the Falling Downs we drew a lot of emotion into the writing and we weren’t afraid to showcase some softer elements in our songwriting like the bridge. Working with Jordan Bain (Of Lion, Tia Gostelow) has definitely helped us find our sound and we can’t wait to share this track and other surprises with our fans throughout 2022.”

Catch the track LIVE before release date at the Sunshine Coast’s Eleven Dive Bar on Friday August 5th with Chamberlane, Verum and Honeychurch.

The Falling Downs will be available on all streaming platforms on Saturday August 6th


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