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Step into the enchanting world of Gold Coast based Chloe Styler, where dreamy Country Pop melodies intertwine with heartfelt emotions and genuine storytelling in her latest EP, ‘Side B’. Following the success of its predecessor, ‘Side A’, Chloe Styler presents a collection of songs that delves into the realm of heartbreak and catharsis, marking the end of a significant chapter in her life.

In this exclusive Q+A we sit down with Chloe to uncover the inspiration and journey behind the creation of ‘Side B’. With ‘Side A’ having earned acclaim, including a nomination for ‘Release of the Year’ at this year’s Gold Coast Music Awards, Styler‘s effortless genre-blending singer-songwriter style has captured the attention of listeners and critics alike.

Congratulations on your upcoming EP released ‘Side B’! Can you tell us more about the inspiration behind the title and what listeners can expect from this collection of songs?

C: Thank you so much! As the name suggests, ‘Side B’ is the second half of a two-part project which began with the release of ‘Side A’ in November 2022. I chose to release these songs as two EPs as I wanted to make sure I could give them all the life they deserve. This way, I was able to release a few more singles than I would have been able to as an album and tell the story in a more in-depth way. I’ve always loved vinyl records (thanks to my Mum passing down her favourites like Icehouse, Fleetwood Mac, and ABBA) and thought this was a great way to pay homage to some of the music that has inspired me to make music! These 5 songs mark the end of a 6-year chapter of my life, and to be honest, I’m really looking forward to leaving these memories in the past (but not without sharing them with you first!).


Your previous release ‘Side A’, only just last week got a nod from the Gold Coast Music Awards, being nominated for the ‘Release of The Year’ category. You’re no stranger to these awards but how does it feel to be recognised once again, and for this particular release?

C: I am so incredibly honoured to have ‘Side A’ up for ‘Release of The Year’ at the Gold Coast Music Awards! If you look at the list of finalists, it truly is mind-blowing to think these 5 songs are holding their own against some of the best music/musicians the Gold Coast has to offer. I wrote these songs in my childhood rumpus room of my family home that I grew up in on the Gold Coast, so to have them recognised at this level by an industry I admire is truly heartwarming. This will be my third Gold Coast Music Awards, but it’s my first as a performer. I’m excited to be playing a song off ‘Side A’ on the night and celebrating the incredible music scene we have right here on the Gold Coast.


Hometownless is such a captivating single with a unique concept of likening a person to a hometown in a relationship. How did you come up with this idea, and what was the songwriting process like with your collaborator Jason Resch?

C: Jason and I co-wrote this song over Zoom and over the span of a few months. He brought the song title to the first writing session, and we toyed with the idea for a while before deciding to liken a person to a hometown in a relationship, since “home is where the heart is”. Although it’s not technically a word, Hometownless captures the feeling of going through a breakup and realising you’re left searching for a new place to call home once more. This is the second single I’ve released that was co-written with Jason; the first being Vaguer Than Vegas which was on ‘Side A’. He is an incredible lyricist and songwriter, so I feel very fortunate to have brought these ideas to life with him!


The music video for Hometownless is a beautiful and dreamy visual experience. Could you share some of the behind-the-scenes anecdotes from the filming process and how the team managed to adapt to the unexpected weather challenges?

C: Thank you so much! Those are the words I was hoping people would use to describe the video! When I wrote the song with Jason Resch we never imagined it to be a single. But the more I listened to it, the more I fell in love with it and the story it portrayed through the lyrics. So, I teamed up with Jazmyn Smith and we created this dreamy music video together! We had planned for a day of filming with blue skies and luscious Gympie fields, however, the weather had other ideas. A storm rolled in during the afternoon, forcing us inside and to rely on our “backup plan”. Luckily everyone was quick to adapt and we made do with a beautiful heritage space in Gympie. I’m so proud of the team and what we created even if it wasn’t exactly how we imagined it!


It’s really impressive to see the list of talented session musicians featured on the single. How did you go about selecting them for the track and what was the experience like working with producer Andy Mak on this project?

C: I feel very fortunate to have brought Hometownless (and both ‘Side A’ and ‘Side B’) to life with Andy Mak as producer, Harry Day on drums, Sam Telford on Guitars, and Jackson Barclay as the mixing engineer. Talk about a dream team! Way back in 2020 I came across the song, All The Pretty Girls by Vera Blue, and fell in love with everything about the track. I did my research and discovered Andy Mak was the producer so quickly got in touch and the rest is history! He pulled the team together and we spent five days tracking both EPs at The Grove Studios on the Central Coast of NSW amidst border closures and lockdowns.


As one of only 5 Australians invited to perform at Nashville’s prestigious CMA Fest, it’s clear you’ve made an impact on the international stage. Can you share your CMA Fest favourite memorable moment with us?

C: Performing at CMA Fest is something I’ve dreamt about since I was 15; when I first visited Nashville with my family. The most memorable moment for me was standing up on the Spotlight Stage during my set and seeing my Dad in the audience. He flew all the way from Australia to be there with me and cheer me on (he’s rarely missed a gig to this day!). There was also a large Aussie contingency in the crowd which I loved (both artists, industry, and fans alike!).


As you gear up for the EP release, what are your hopes and aspirations for ‘Side B’? Are there any particular messages or emotions you wish to convey to your audience through this collection of songs?

C: My main hope for ‘Side B’ is that it connects with as many people as possible. Although the songs center around a break up there is also a feeling of hope; as if I’m looking forward to what comes next even though I don’t know what that is yet (Hometownless). I hope that these songs resonate with whoever’s listening, and provide comfort where they’re needed.

Join us and delve into the soulful melodies that have solidified Chloe Styler‘s place as a rising star in the music world when she performs songs from her EP at Brisbane’s intimate haven, It’s Still A Secret, on August 10 – TICKETS HERE.



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