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‘SPACE’ is the self-released, debut EP by Reverend Genes from Newcastle, NSW. Released today, ‘SPACE’ is the first of three EPs from the larger, upcoming ‘Space Time Change’ release.

Themes across this first EP cycle through beginning, aspiration, emotion, morality, conflict, learning, and ending. How does the human condition impact both us and the Earth? Why is it that our species neglects their own kind and nature? Often in favour of influencers who use followers to drive their own agendas.
Do we have the space and time to change? Would we even want to?

The first four tracks Left And Right (urban sprawl), Someday (climate inaction), You And I (social change) and Wanted To Run (second chances) meet up with final song First Star (wishes) to form ‘SPACE’; a post-punk, new-wave influenced release viewed through an Aussie pub and club live music lens.


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