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Photo Credit: Bee Elton

Armed with a rolodex of infectious guitar riffs and a scathing sense of humour, Sydney sweethearts Safety First today deliver their new single Haircut.

Formed around the idea of rose-coloured stardom, Haircut is as charming as it is witty – showcasing vocalist Lexi Green’s insatiable appetite for storytelling through vicarious lyrics and a soundscape that keeps you guessing at every corner.

“I built the lyrics around a celebrity persona – MY celebrity persona – the song was kind of a joke really. I LOVE pretending to be famous, because I just thrive off being the centre of attention, except I’m also very introverted and shy at the same time,” Lexi laughs.

“I feel like I can see through the glamour and maybe actually being a celebrity wouldn’t be that great, even though I suppose it’s the end goal of being a musician. Maybe that could be what Haircut is about, if it’s about anything.”


Recorded at both Parliament Studios with Phan Sjarif and at guitarist Zac Olsen’s house, the song had humble beginnings, with guitarist Tom Polden and Lexi originally building its foundations at home.

With each member of the band bringing their own flavour to the song, Haircut began to take on a life of its own, incorporating vocal stacks to create a chant-like chorus that begs for an iconic sing-a-long moment.

“Haircut was the first song Tom and I wrote together, when we were living together in Marrickville. I had just woken up late in the afternoon and I could hear a gentle guitar riff coming from the next room,” says Lexi.

“It was enough to motivate myself to get out of bed and shyly knock on Tom’s door, where we jammed for a while over some of his ideas. He showed me the opening riff of Haircut and for some reason ‘why’s being successful so hard’ was the first thing to come into my head.”

Having already charmed audiences with singles, Exactly Like Me and Diary Entry, Safety First are a band quickly on the rise, embracing a unique mix of personalities that shine through each member’s instrument. With a slew of new music set for release in 2023, Haircut is a stylish slice of what’s to come.


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