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Following the release of their wickedly dry debut EP ‘Why Is Being Successful So Hard’, Eora/Sydney quintet Safety First return with another intertwining jangle-pop gem in new single That’s What You’re Like.

Delivered in lead singer Lexi Green’s signature conversational style, That’s What You’re Like is an observant dissection of shared city living, complete with scathing one liners and an evolving dissatisfaction for their surrounding environment.

“That’s What You’re Like tells a story of a failing sharehouse in the Inner West of Sydney complete with a former friendship dying to a thousand minor grievances and a toxic boyfriend who is always around but never pays rent,” explains Lexi.

Recorded and mixed by guitarist Zac Olsen who co-produced the track alongside Lexi, the song’s beauty is in its innovative production, which is subtle but extremely effective in developing the song’s story. From the sound of glass breaking to describe a smile to the heart-wrenching guitars that underscore Lexi’s reflective vocals in the final chorus, That’s What You’re Like is a song that presents something new with each listen.

With memorable lines like “you should listen to this podcast, it really changed me” and “we were awkward like the flat soda we were drinking and I kinda miss it”Safety First seamlessly blend charm, wit and introspection with their first release of the year.

After recently playing alongside the likes of Moaning Lisa and Egoism, the band are set to launch That’s What You’re Like at The Lord Gladstone in Sydney on Saturday April 13 – TICKETS HERE.

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