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Legends of the Sydney Alternative scene Sienna Skies follow up the success of their previous single A Predetermined Outcome with an emotional and roaring new track in Mess available to stream November 29th on all DSPs worldwide.

The track marks their third single, alongside the announcement of their brand new EP, ‘Only Change is Permanent’ OUT MARCH 8TH 2024 in line with the band’s partnership with newly established UK label Passion Eight Records.

“These were the first lyrics I wrote when we sat down to begin another release,” says vocalist Thomas Pirozzi. “I hated my job. I hated myself. I had found a way to take the joy out of everything I enjoyed. We’re lucky enough to have a group chat that has us constantly reminding each other of all the cool
places, and people we’ve got to see and meet over the years, and if being miserable and writing sad songs lets me do more of that, life can’t be all that bad.”

Fans can expect more new music from Sienna Skies this year and next.

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