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Words by Kate Lockyer

Brisbane pop princess Bridget O’Shannessy drops her latest single painkiller today (October 26), which she says, “explores modern-day situationships, implied by discarded heels and cologne”. Her musical journey began over a decade ago and she was officially recognized for her polished synth-pop sound when she clinched the QUBE Effect 2022 award for songwriting.

Over the years, Bridget has graced stages alongside notable acts such as Gotye’s The Basics and made her presence felt at prominent events like London and Shanghai Fashion Weeks. In her latest music, a musical transformation has taken root, inspired by the iconic sounds of the ’80s and ’90s, in collaboration with her brother and producer, Danny O’Shannessy.

The love-hate feels we all have for situationships surface in Bridget’s double-edged lyrics. The lines are littered with glamorous, romantic symbols from the very start – “My high heels kicked off by the door / Your cologne smell on the floor”. Though you may get caught up in the glamour of these moments and the rush of another’s attention in the initial throes of attraction, sooner or later you’ll become reliant on painkillers to dull the disappointments as well.

This darker side to the relationship Bridget shares in the chorus – “Leave me something to remember / When I wake without your name / Thank God thank God you’re a painkiller”. The duality of painkiller as something sinister you’d like to avoid, and yet something that is addictively soothing is played on in her lyrics.

Ariana Grande comes to mind as an apt comparison to Bridget’s smooth and sultry pop sound. Her vocals are shimmery and fit to fall in love with, while the synth sets the scene for a relationship that is all smoke and mirrors. Flirty bass steps forward and back in a dance of mixed messages while breathy, layered harmonic vocal lines conjure the image of a heart fluttering with temptation.

In painkiller, Bridget has delivered another glamorous pop track with an alluring storyline and catchy beat that perfectly suits her glossy vocals. This singer-songwriter is bound to take the Brisbane pop scene by storm.

Listen to painkiller HERE

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