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Albury/Wodonga-based alternative rock band SOULSLEEP have just shared their confronting new single, Beautiful Disaster – produced by Chris Lalic (Windwaker, The Last Martyr).

Beautiful Disaster opens with the evocative vocals of frontman Jake Wiffen, slicing seamlessly through a soundscape of trap-infused rock. As the melody soars within the pulsating chorus, the trajectory steadily climbs, building a crescendo of tension that ultimately erupts into a thunderous finale.

SOULSLEEP talk about the meaning behind Beautiful Disaster: “Beautiful Disaster is a song written about our guitarist (Jayden) and his childhood. It is about his father who was battling addiction which lead to him developing drug-induced psychosis. The lyrics tell stories of the memories that Jayden and his brother experienced during their father’s mental episodes. The two young boys were made to dig tiny holes into the walls of their father’s unit with knives at the ages of five & seven because their father believed that there were cameras behind the walls. Jayden’s upbringing has left a permanent wound within him and he struggles to understand how and why someone can do that to themselves and their two small children.”

Accompanying the release is the apocalyptic music video directed by Colin Jeffs of Ten of Swords Media (RedHook, Future Static, Make Them Suffer), as vocalist Jake Wiffen is captured performing under icy water in a DIY scrap steel cage. Guitarist Jayden Zago explains the video, “Tells a story of two young brothers who felt like they were caged. The dark and negative clips are the life that they lived and the nicer atmosphere was what they pretended that their life was like. When the clips show the parents in the cage, this represents that they are also ‘trapped’ in a way. They were stuck in a negative cycle but couldn’t see any issues with what was happening, in front of and to their children.”

Previous debut release Glass Heart saw support from triple j Unearthed, The Music, The AU Review, AAA Backstage,  Australian Music Scene, MILKY, Something You Said, Eat This Music and Good Call Live. They have also seen radio love from 2RRR, 2SER, 4ZZZ, 3RRR, SYN Media, Three D Radio and 2XX FM.


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