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Stacey Ann, the radiant indie/pop/soul bundle of joy from Boorloo/Perth is releasing her debut EP, ‘A Change In The Wind’, scheduled for release on March 14. Following the infectious single Ripples, Stacey Ann‘s EP delivers a wholesome blend of vibrant melodies and heartfelt lyrics that find a sweet spot between contemporary indie and pop and soul of bygone eras.

For Stacey Ann, ‘A Change In The Wind’ is a journey of her own self-discovery and growth over the past five years. Each track explores moments and experiences she has faced, encapsulating themes of love, loss, friendship, and resilience. Reflecting on the EP, Stacey Ann shares: “This EP has been the biggest and most exciting project I’ve been able to work on so far, and over the last year my incredible band and I have been in the studio putting it together, layer by layer. I am thrilled to finally be able to put it out in the world and I am so proud of this body of work. ‘A Change In The Wind’ is a closing chapter of the coming of age and self-discovery journey of my adolescence. It represents the heartbreak, loss, love, growth and friendship that encompassed the last 5 years of my life. The release of this EP feels like a new beginning and the opening of the next chapter in my journey”.

The EP opens with April, a feel-good anthem celebrating new love and the rejuvenating power it brings after facing adversity. Stacey Ann‘s honeyed vocals intertwine with chirping trumpet lines and inviting choruses, creating an uplifting and inspiring atmosphere.

Following is Daughter, a poignant showcase of Stacey Ann‘s vocal prowess backed by blues guitar riffs and a demanding allure. Ebbing and flowing, the track blooms with grace and power as it delves into feelings of not belonging and the struggles of coming out, resonating with authenticity and emotional depth.

Crumbs offers a slower and sombre reflection on ending toxic relationships. With its emotive lyrics and haunting melodies, the song packs a powerful punch, capturing the heartache of letting go.

Silver Lining continues with a swaying, downtempo approach featuring a stunning strings arrangement as the introspective lyrics explores the peculiarities of meeting strangers through dating apps. Written through lockdowns and isolation, the track navigates the complexities of modern romance with candour and grace.

Closing the EP out is Ripples which embodies the EP’s effervescent spirit, showcasing Stacey Ann‘s radiant vocals and infectious energy. The accompanying music video captures the lively essence, promising a glitterbomb of feel-good fun.

‘A Change In The Wind’ is honest, profound and life-affirming, as Stacey Ann‘s matured songwriting sensibility feeds into the nostalgic sounds of 60s pop and soul. Celebrating the release of this EP, Stacey Ann and her band will be performing at Lyric’s Underground in Perth on Saturday, April 6.


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