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FVNERAL, the Eora/Sydney-based band known for their distinctive emotive storytelling, have dropped their new single, MERCY. This release follows their critically acclaimed track HAPPY ANNIVERSARY and paves the way for their eagerly awaited sophomore EP HONEST’ set for release on November 10.

MERCY delves into the intricacies of love and self-discovery. It explores the profound feeling of being understood, heard, and seen by someone while recognizing the importance of self-love and mental well-being in forming healthy connections with others. 

The song also touches on the transformative power of connecting with others who share aspects of your identity, as FVNERAL‘s Tim shared, “connecting with a non-binary person in an intimate way was so crucial in coming to understand my own non-binary identity.”

The creative process behind MERCY was marked by serendipity and late-night inspiration. Tim Blunt, one of the band’s members, stumbled upon the verse and chorus during a late-night studio session in the US. This chance discovery ultimately led to the creation of the song. Ally and Tim then worked on the song’s vocals in a humble setting – Ally‘s old bedroom at her parent’s house, gradually piecing together the song until it clicked into place.

Tim beautifully puts it, “As time has passed since I wrote it, I’ve grown to realize that this song is about the self-discovery that can happen when you see yourself in someone else.”

FVNERAL are not your average band; they are a tight-knit group of friends turned chosen family. Contrary to what their name may suggest, their musical ethos revolves around uncovering the beauty in life’s intricate details and complexities. They focus on the joy that emerges from conquering life’s battles and celebrate the human experience through various artistic mediums.

Their journey began with the release of their debut EP, ‘WHEN I GET SOBER,‘ a collection of songs that immediately strikes an emotional chord. It’s no wonder, considering the members’ extensive experience in the studio, having collaborated with Australian favorites such as Birds Of Tokyo, Middle Kids, and Stand Atlantic. Their creative endeavors have also seen them working alongside international powerhouses like The Struts and Frank Carter & The Rattlesnakes. With ‘WHEN I GET SOBER,’ FVNERAL confidently marked their presence in the music world.

The band’s debut EP allowed them to build a strong, caring, and kind community around their music. Now, they are poised to invite the rest of the world to become part of this community with their sophomore EP, ‘HONEST.’


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