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Known for her transformative style of ethereal pop, Meanjin/Brisbane-based enchantress Tessa Fleur is today announcing the release of her upcoming debut EP with heartfelt new single Avalon.

Following the release of Death By Black Hole earlier in the year, Avalon finds Tessa Fleur coming to terms with a recent breakup by honouring the journey of healing through music and personal expression.

“‘Avalon’ is a heartfelt portrayal of a love lost unwillingly, the song makes me think of blooming flowers frozen in a time-lapse, from fresh buds to withered petals,” Tessa explains. “It delves into the bittersweet realisation that everything we cherish will eventually fade away, a poignant truth I’m still learning to embrace. Amidst the broken heart, the song finds solace in themes of grace, acceptance, and the unwavering support of best friends and Maton acoustic guitars”.

Joining forces with co-producer Alistair Richardson (Clea, The Cairos, Zefereli), Tessa Fleur unveils a captivating sonic realm in Avalon, layering rich folk rock melodies with gentle percussion and serene vocals, intertwined with harmonies that provide an added layer of magic.

“I channelled my overflowing creative energy into writing and recording ‘Avalon’ the week after a recent breakup. The process took place over two days on a farm in QLD, alongside my co-producer Ali,” Tessa says. “Adding to the magic of the recording, I was lucky to be sandwiched between the divine songstress Clea and Ali, who both lent their ethereal vocals to the track. Being surrounded by these heavenly beings whom I deeply admire and love made the experience all the more special and profound.”

Between rewarding recording sessions in the lead up to her debut EP, Tessa Fleur has been working with her live band to create immersive audience experiences and was recently announced as the main support for a string of Dana Gerhman’s national album tour.

Enter Tessa Fleur’s mesmerising world of unbridled creativity and intense curiosity with new single Avalon, out now ahead of debut EP ‘Trial’, which is due in November.

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